Dargunn is set around a central valley and its surrounding environs. The Federation of Dargunn is the relatively new government which governs the inhabitants of Dargunn. It encompasses several geographic regions which are generally racially homogeneous. In the central valley hobgoblins inhabit the forests and Humans inhabitant the plains. the northern mountains are inhabited by a mixture of orcs and generally unsavory humans. The valley of scorched stone and the blooded wood are inhabited mainly by orcs. Human goat herders wander the eastern mountain valleys. Dwarves live under the great plateau. Hobgoblins range through the southern mountains. Humans and Elves live in scattered villages along the southern coast. The most recent addition to the federation live in the western wilderness, and are known as the truadon, a sapient dinosaur breed.

The different regional governments often contend with their neighbors and refuse to follow the national government. The hobgoblins start raiding the humans, the dwarves refuse to let people pass through their land, the goat herds often refuse to participate in government in any way, the inhabitants of the northern mountains raid caravans, etc.

The central government is located in the central valley at Gukak, an artificial mountain rising one mile above the valley floor at the edge of the great Midark forest. This mountain is both a fortress and a city. It was only recently completed 5 years ago.

Many different religions coexist inside the federation. The dominant, and government supported, sect is known as the sylvan order. this religion worships nature ;and the spirits present in the earth and all living beings. In the city of Wahee the cult of the stone eye is extremely popular. They worship a a huge naturally occurring eye carved in the side of the mountain near their city which they claim sees all and grants the priests and true believers strange mystical powers. the Humans of the valley tend to participate in a monotheistic religion similar to Christianity. The goat herders worship a diverse pantheon tied to the location where the tribe may be camped. There are gods of specific mountains, and rivers, and forests, and these gods may be very different for different tribes.


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