Federation of Dargunn

The Eye of Stone

As the story begins this day, James Tiberius Shatner is on his way to the very creatively named Mountain-Hills. Somewhere along the way, he gets lost and winds up several hundred miles off course. In the town of Manikak, one Christianus Smith is attempting to teach a class how to make the antidote to a truth serum. One student, whom he does not recognize and stands out as the only non-orc, is asleep. He demonstrates his antidote for the rest of the class by shoving it in the sleeping student’s mouth, thus ending the class on a slightly humorous note as the student spends the next several minutes coughing up a lung. After his coughing fit is over, the student introduces himself as James Tiberius Shatner. After some discussion, Christianus Smith decides to accompany Shatner on his quest. The two proceed to the town of Wahee. On the way, they encounter, near the town of Ruran, a woman being burned at the stack for being a witch. All attempts to save her failed. So, unable to save the woman, they buy fresh supplies in town and continue to the orc town of Wahee where they again resupply and then continue to the Mountain-Hills. Upon reaching the hills, they find the Joblin tree for which they searched, and then slept. Upon awakening in the afternoon, they burned the tree. When they did so a strange man appeared in a loincloth and after some introductions he led them to his tree house. There was no ladder leading into the tree house. One enters the tree house by jumping…..20 feet. The strange old man made it seem simple. Upon attempt, Shatner found that if he jumped hard enough, he would be magically grabbed and lifted the rest of the way. Christianus Smith had a much harder time of it, however, and after half an hour Shatner simply threw down a rope and pulled Smith up. The man identified himself as Lekum, and introduced his giant pet panda that consumes silver coins. He then told the two what his task for them was. They were to search for the stone eye and bring it to them. He said the nearby town folk would likely know more. On that note, the pair returned to Wahee to ask questions. First they went to the only human tavern, which so so pungent as to be almost unbearable. Then they went to an orc tavern and there learned that the stone eye was the orcs’ idol. They then hatched a plot to lead the orcs down on Lekum. For this, they were going to use Smith’s ceremony of mercury to increase his charisma so as to gain as many followers as they could. For this, however, they needed to find mercury. Christianus Smith, in order to obtain mercury, joined a small group known as the Mercury Men. Meanwhile, Shatner found the eye’s location and learns that 5 priests and a shaman live right beside it. The stone eye had been watching over the town for 56 generations. After obtaining the Mercury, the two met at the tavern and whipped the town into a frenzy. They prepared to charge the tree house.


lekem was the guy who wanted the purple cloak, this guy never told you his name

The Eye of Stone
Wangalade Wangalade

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