permanent resolutions

Permanent resolutions:

1.1-the regions of the federation shall include Heldland, Dwoshai, Westbergen, Wyrmsteeth, Essuria, Yoker, White Bear, and Blooded Wood. The capitol of the federation shall be the mountain city fortress, Kakhan, and the territory surrounding it within the distance of eight miles shall comprise the Kakhan tribe which shall not be part of a region. The war games and political meetings shall be held in this district unless circumstances prevent it.

1.2-d-The norwoldian royal monarchy is recognized as the rightful rulers of norwold, and the new republic of norwold is an usurper not recognized by the federation.

1.3-d-Until the Guild reveals an ultimate leading authority and an alliance with the ideals of the federation, the guild shall be banned from practicing or carrying out their philosophy in the form of government within the federation.

1.5-hobos shall be the official language of the federation of dargunn.

1.6-the definition of a sentient creature for purposes of citizenship shall be: a creature possessing the power to express itself and having the ability to communicate an understanding of the expressions of another species’ feelings, self-awareness, and perception.

1.7-d- The federation accepts a defensive alliance With Wendar and norwold and a trade sanction imposed on The empire of Thyatis in order to delay thyatian aggression.

1.8-d- In response to the Declaration of war imposed upon the federation of dargunn, the federation of dargunn in turn declares war on the empire of thyatis.

1.9-The tribes of each region are as follows, with the regional seat listed first: Berdholm, Cyjhal, Utbaerd, Heldland, Rodon, and Ytis in Heldland; Dawigor, Grungor, Frongovorn, and Mingorn in Dwoshai; Arkak, Gruntak, Ugak(Ugtropolis), Runtak, and Wezzlen in Westbergen; Vyzama, Gnomstal, and Severneya in Wyrmsteeth; Yoker, Rivertown, and Zuburg in Yoker; Roohan, Zodak, Hudan, Gorak, Morhan, Akak, Yuhan, Okak, Gulak, Dekak, Snagahan, Kohan, Nakak, Turan, Danan, and Ruran in Essuria; New Kish, Vokam, Scorched Stone, The Scarlet Axes, Stalker, Kod, Urgan, Zootem, in White Bear; Unlaat-Nor, Vlaskodas, Hopsland, and Vendrid in Blooded Wood.

1.10-d-Due to treachery and false claims, the senate and Emperor of thyatis are stripped of all Governing Power upon the Empire of Thyatis, and are hereby to be imprisoned for life within the Dungeons of the Federation of dargunn.

1.11-d-According to the treaty of the dragon city, an alliance shall be established with the new government of the empire of thyatis. This entails the lowering of all tariffs upon merchants of the empire of thyatis by one half.

2.1-upon approval by a plebiscite among the respective persons, the regions occupied by the batmen and lizard men shall be given sovereignty within the federation.

2.2-When a citizen casts a vote in any federal election they will be registered as a current citizen in the census. If a citizen fails to cast a vote at an election they are considered a former citizen in the census and no longer enjoy the privileges of citizenship until they again cast a vote. As the ministry of culture governs the voting process it is requisite that the ministry of culture also keep the census record and distributes citizenship identification.

permanent resolutions

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