orderly resolutions

Orderly resolutions

1.1-Emmanon shall be granted an acre of land in the university town -d-for the express purpose of combating the philosophies of Xean-ha and the guild.

1.2-The ministry of infrastructure shall continue to build a mountain, a system of roads and aqueducts and cisterns, a standard fortress in each town, and border forts in the mountains.

1.3-d-tianna, the niece of the queen of wendar, shall become the governor of the volcanic mountains, as there is no regional government established at this time. Her goal will be to form a government, and send a messenger of the government to have it approved by the council.

1.4-d-a small party shall be sent into the empire of thyatis in order to determine the true allegiance of the emperor and his government.

1.5-d-In order to increase national revenue the orc battalion shall raid the southern parts of the new republic of norwold, keeping twenty percent of the booty and bestowing the rest of the loot to the federal government for use as it sees fit.

1.6-d-Lord Comnenus of thyatis shall be allowed to train five squads of heavy cavalry, provided he provides funds for fifty percent of the required expenses.

1.7-There shall be established A company of specially trained forces, named the special forces, which shall perform special tasks among foreign countries, or within the federation in especial cases, as assigned by the council. Each squad, excluding one squad, in this company shall be racially uniform, and each squad shall be assigned only one task at a time, if a task requires more than one squad, it shall not be assigned to the special forces. At a time when a squad is not assigned a task, the squad shall be the bodyguard of the council.

1.8-d-rav the thief shall be appointed captain of the special forces, meaning it is his duty to choose and train members of the special forces.

1.9-there shall be a labor commission that shall be established under the ministry of trade. The commission shall provide employment for all citizens. There will be a station in each region and a representative in each tribe. All employers shall be required to hire citizens before non-citizens. All employers of more than three people must register with the ministry of trade. Each employer must guarantee that it or he will help grow the national economy.

1.10-all smiths shall send armor and weapons to the state monastery for the purpose of enchanting them; that they may be sold to the armed forces.

1.11-Any defectors of the Guild may join the Army or the Navy, and May become citizens after participation in the war Games. Upon Gaining citizenship they will be citizens of Castoak, Hakhaan, ubumba, or yoker.

1.12-d- THE coins minted in Dargunn shall consist of gold coins and silver coins of equal value. The gold coin once minted may be cut into halfs, quarters, and eighths. The silver coins once minted may be cut into halfs, quarters, eighths, and sixteenths.

1.13- To generate revenue, The council approves the creation of two national banks. The first of these, the dargunnic metal bank, will mint the currency and set interest rates. The second bank, the dargunnic monetary exchange bank, will be for usage by the public, and the profits of this bank will fund the government. No other banks shall be allowed to operate in the confederacy of Dargunn.

1.14- To generate Revenue, The ministry of trade will impose tariffs on all Foreign Imports. Imported goods will be categorized as Foodstuffs, Raw materials, Industrial products, armaments, or luxuries. Different tariffs will be imposed on each different Category of Imported goods.

1.15- In order to advise the council Each ministry shall publish a detailed account of the previous years’ proceedings and a projection of expenses for the near future every year.

1.16- Within the army every warrior shall receive one silver coin a week as payment for their services. Every officer shall receive one more silver coin per week as when promoted to the next rank.

1.17- In order to create a more adaptable armed forces, A support corps will be established within the ministry of the armed forces of the federation, separate in command from the army yet under the authority of the Ihesh. The support corps will entail magical experts and practioners, field engineers, logisticians, eagle scouts and eagle fighters, and any other specialized troops that are seen as necessary.

1.18- A navy separate in command from the army yet under control of the ihesh is to be created within the ministry of the armed forces.

1.19-d-The Navy of dargunn is given authority to inspect or seize foreign ships, specifically those from Thyatis, which are deemed a possible threat to the federation.

1.20-Authority is given to any citizen of dargunn to colonize unclaimed land outside of the federation. This land will be governed by the closest region until the land becomes self supporting at which point it will be instated into the federation as a new province.

1.21-the Ministry of infrastructure will construct a road system through the northern mountains and the northern forest similar to that constructed in other regions.

1.22-d-a volunteer force will be given the authority of the federation to embark on a campaign with the military forces of many other countries to destroy the dark lord.

1.23-On the eighth day of the first month of every year each ministry shall submit its report of its operations within the past year to the council.

1.24-the druids of the grove are hereby given authority to obtain any resources necessary, within or without the federation of dargunn, to cure the blight upon the plants in the eastern mountains.

2.1-In order to facilitate economic and social prosperity a office of patents shall be established within the ministry of trade. This office will for a small fee establish the primacy of the work of an individual such that other individuals may not copy the individual’s work without express permission.

2.2-with the intent of creating an organized effort in establishing international relations, a diplomatic bureau of exploration shall be formed by the ministry of state. This bureau shall authorize individuals to explore otherwise unknown territory and to represent the federation of dargunn and thus establish diplomatic relations with any new entities found outside the border of the federaton of dargunn or lay claim to otherwise unclaimed land.

2.3-a road, following the standards of previous roads built in the federation shall be constructed to reach every tribal seat. IN addition a canal shall be built alongside every road.

2.4-To any peoples settling in the plains east of scorched stone a grant of land shall be given up to the amount that they can cultivate. In addition to this any able bodied impoverished individuals are Encouraged to travel to and settle in the plains. Any disabled impoverished individuals shall be encouraged to proceed to the druid grove where they shall be cared for and supplied with a suitable occupation.

2.5-d-any blood feuds, capital offenders, or criminals which so desire may have their trial performed in the thunder dome. The offending persons will fight to the death with the accuser.-unconstitutional (regions determine criminal law)

2.6-Any territory affected by the blight shall be burned under the supervision of the Druids.

2.7-The ownership of magical items is hereby restricted to those individuals who obtain a possessive license from a minister of trade. Each license will be issued for a small fee, and individuals must have one license for every magical item in their possession.

2.8-a system of inexpensive schools will be established by the ministry of culture in every tribe.

2.9-the ministry of trade shall oversee the formation and operation of the mining corps of dargunn. This corps shall search for and procure precious stones and metals obtained within and for the federation. In addition to this the ministry of trade shall issue a currency with an established value where the value of the coin will be more than the actual value of the metal contained within it. In addition payment in kind or bartering will not be a valid mode of trade.

2.10-the ministry of trade shall oversee the formation and the operation of the farming corps of dargunn. The corps will cultivate produce which will be divided into reserves and commodities which will be sold on the open market. Experienced farmers will be employed to oversee the labor of unskilled workers. -d-The workers will be paid one gold every week and free room and board. The overseers shall be paid two gold every week, and this payment method will also be supplied to the mining corps of dargunn.

2.11-payment shall be issued to the tribal, regional, and chief ministers in a like manner to the military.

2.12-the ministry of infrastructure shall construct a reserve granary within every tribe.

2.13- All shock troops will be trained to be proficient in the use of crossbows.

2.14-orderly resolution 1.12 is hereby repealed. In the stead thereof the coinage of the federation shall be established as follows: three coins shall be minted: the goldar, a one ounce gold coin, the gold, a 0.533 ounce gold coin, and the silver, a one ounce silver coin. Both the gold and the silver will be divided into 16 parts where one whole silver coin is worth one sixteenth of a gold coin, and one half of a silver is worth one measure of barley. A goldar may not be cut in any way and is worth a total of five gold coins.

2.15-the police force under the direct jurisdiction of the tribal judges shall consist of one policeman for every 500 citizens. This number of policemen is subject to change when deemed necessary by the tribal judge. The police will enforce the laws imposed on the citizenry by the regional governments and maintain the civil peace. The commander of the police in every tribe will be a sheriff, who reports directly to the tribal judge. The sheriff will be chosen by a vote of the citizens of the tribe. To become sheriff an individual must have served in the armed forces as a captain and received shock troop training. Any other policemen must be courteous and have received basic training in the armed forces, if this training is not previously received, then the policeman must receive it before assuming his duties. The tribal judge and the sheriff must mutually agree to employ a new policeman. The winning party of a suit will be required to pay a fee of one gold to the court. These fees will be used to pay the expenses of the court, most importantly the employ of the police force. The police will be ranked similarly to the Armed forces, and subsequently paid in a like manner.

2.16-the ministries of infrastructure shall build a complex of four towers designed alike to the tribal seats in a square with walls connecting the towers at the seat of every region.

2.17-the mcd and fcd shall have complexes like david’s established for every necessary habitation or village.

2.18-the ministry of infrastructure shall begin work on a lock system among the southern cataracts and the northern river.

2.19-the navy is hereby authorized to employ shipbuilders to create 4 long ships composited of new obsidian glass.

2.20-a book of proverbs is encouraged to be compiled and held in every school.

2.21-The senate and emperor of thyatis are to be exiled to the desert south of castoak.

2.22-Rav is hereby empowered by the council to establish a colony across the sea from Gorleans. This colony will be governed as part of the region of castoak until further declaration.

2.23-THe ministry of culture will oversee the formation and operation of the postal service of dargun. This postal service will include three grades or types of service. They are to be referred to as primary messages, 1st class messages, Aerial Messages, and instant messages. Primary messages are delivered by trained runners. 1st class messages are delivered by horseback. Aerial messages are delivered by trained eagles. Instant messages are delivered through magical means. There will be established a post office in each tribe and a central post office in each region.

2.24-The ministry of culture will oversee the formation and the operation of the bureau of history. The bureau of history will maintain a federal record of the events in federation history. The bureau of history is also responsible for the distribution of this history.

orderly resolutions

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