these are the universal measurements for the planet of charnak on which the federation`of dargunn dwells:
distance unit=# units=# earth unit
1 tip=0.1875 inches(3/16 in)
1 talon=8 tips=1.5 inches
1 Snout=8 talons=1 foot
1 bound=8 Snout=8 feet
1 front=8 bounds=64 feet
1 dash=8 fronts=512 feet(approx 170 yards)
1 town=8 dashes=4096 feet(just over 3/4 mile)
1 bridge=8 towns=32768 feet(6.2 mi)

These are the time measurements:
time=# time=# earth time
1 neos=3.52 seconds
1 bireos=8 nes=28.13 seconds
1 trios=8 bines=3.75 minutes
1 quadrios=8 trines=30 minutes
1 watch=8 quadrio=4 hours
1 day=8 watches=32 hours
1 week=8 days=10.67 days
1 month=8 weeks=85.33 days
1 year=8 months=682.67 days
1 octade=8 years=14.96 years
1 octury=8 octades=119.70 years
1 eon=8 octuries=957.60 years
1 epoch=8 eons=7660.80 years

planetary statistics
1 arcsecond= 546.13 ft
distance to horizon at 6’(man height)=6.96mi

the eight months are called: winter, thaw, spring, monsoon, summer, dry, autumn, and freeze
the eight days of the week are: day, chay, kay, fay, yay, tay, nay, say

There are 2 moons, Sochalle and Kyreke, orbiting Charnak. Sochalle has a 256 day cycle. Kyreke has a 13.5 day cycle. Sochalle is about three times larger than earth’s moon, and Kyreke is about half the size of earth’s moon. Socahlle’s orbit is much closer to Charnak than Kyreke’s orbit. On the first day of the months of winter and summer both moons are full. on the first day of the months of thaw and dry, sochalle is in its last quarter, and kyreke is in its first quarter. on the first day of the months of spring and autumn both moons are new. on the dirst day of the months of monsoon and freeze sochalle is in its first quarter and kyreke is in its last quarter.

Equinoxes and Solstices
Winter Solstice is on new years day, or the first day of the month of winter
summer solstice is on the fist day of the month of summer
spring equinox is on the first day of the month of spring
autumn equinox is on the first day of the month of autumn.

a simulation of the calendar may be found at by pasting the following script in the save/restore tab:


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