The Council of the Federation of Dargun

Marhu Durlagon(Guild Male)-apprentice to crazy old mountain mage, very charismatic

Councilor of State Gulint(Hobgoblin Male)-Lance
Councilor of Armed Forces Johnny Strongman(Human Male)-Christian
Councilor of Trade Bada(Human Female)-
Councilor of Infrastructure Naglfar(Dwarf Male)-Josh
Councilor of Justice Krat(Hobgoblin Male)-
Councilor of Culture Mogor(Half Orc Female)-

Councilor of Castoak Rav(Human Male)-Jared
Councilor of Dwoshai Nam Beardtree(Dwarf Male)-
Councilor of Tuurghuu Marok(Hobgoblin Male)-
Councilor of Furmunga Elder Kofos(Human Male)-conservative goat herder
Councilor of Midark Smith Mack(Human Male)-
Councilor of Yoker Redman(Human Male)-
Councilor of Scorched Stone Shakata(Orc Male)-
Councilor of Blooded Wood Grukden(Orc Male)-

Councilor Akten(Hobgoblin Female)-from tuurghuu, beautiful female, very smart and forthright
Councilor Tishak(Hobgoblin Male)-old wise warrior, very conservative
Councilor Graybrow(Dwarf Male)-greedy, is good with numbers and money
Councilor Renamon(Human Male)-from castoak, merchant, bought his election
Councilor Daman(Half Orc Male)-from uklanda, very charismatic bandit leader
Councilor 500/Figa(Orc Male)- from scorched stone, a fluke genius and very charismatic
Councilor Rakashatak(Half Orc/Hobgoblin Male)-from midark, was in army, great fighter and general, thinks humans/elves inferior
Councilor Elifain(Half Elf Female)-from university, very beautiful and “bribed" way onto council, thinks all men are stupid

7 Humans, 5 Hobgoblins, 3 Dwarfs, 3 Orcs, 2 Half Orcs, 1 Half Elf, 1 Half Orc/Hobgoblin, 1 Guild

19 Males, 4 Females

1 Marhu, 22 Coucilors
Tie=11/11(Marhu votes on Orderly Resolutions)
1/2 Majority=12/10(Orderly Resolutions)
2/3 Majority=15/7(Permanent Resolutions)
3/4 Majority=17/5(Election of Marhu)


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