Federation of Dargunn


Ryan the Druidand Johnny Strongman fight a band of hobgoblins in forest. They lose and are captured. The hobgoblins had planned on killing them, but they were able to convince shaman to let them earn freedom. they agree to train ten runt hobgoblins and pit them in battle against the ten strongest of the tribe. they train the runts for a week in the use of the mace and combat maneuvers. at the end of the week the hobgoblins fight and the runts win. During battle, Ryan the Druid and Johnny Strongman assassinate chief. The hobgoblins accept them as leaders of tribe with support of shaman. they put rest of tribe through same training as runts, appoint runts as captains. convince nearby village of Turan to begin trade relations, begin by gaining 2 months of food from village. Ryan the Druid and Johnny Strongman lead hobgoblins of Ruhan in battle against hobgoblins of Zodak. they defeat village and begin training the hobgoblins of Zodak also.


Ryan the Druid and Johnny Strongman convince village of Danan to enter in trading relations with them. they begin fortifying Zodak and Ruhan and constructing road between Ruhan and Turan. they go with hobgoblin army to north of forest and conquer the villages of Morhan, Akak, and Yuhan. then they conquer Okak and the rest of the villages fall into submission. they begin a regular training program for the hobgoblins. at okak they discover the Food Rock.

Battle of Okak

Basic Map of Valley


Construction of a pallisade is begun in each village. a stronghold is established at the northwest corner of the forest an a road from it to Turan is constructed. Ryan the Druid and Johnny Strongman are able to convince the village of Ruran to provide food in return for protection. they then travel to Yoker and after much deliberation are able to convince Beldevere Redcloakto join with their hobgoblin union. then in the south the high plateau is discovered along with the Eagles and Dwarves. they convince the eagles to help as messengers in return for food. they convince dwarves to join the alliance in return for trade and money. this is established by a construction of a grand road through the dwarf kingdom to the other side of the plateau where Ryan the Druid and Johnny Strongman begin the colony of Manikak and Gorlens.


Ryan the Druid and Johnny Strongman and Rav andSecaro meet with an emissary from Thyatia and establish a thyatian embassy. Popular Hobgoblin leads a rebellion. we defeat his army and he and personal guard flees. meanwhile several hobgoblins deserted from army and we chase them into south mountains where we find they are led by the rebel. we defeat and capture all the deserters. on return to the valley we reorganize the military. we then travel to Gorlens and find the village is decimated by disease. we heal surviving townspeople. discover their food had been poisoned.

Orc Treaty

After healing the villagers, the group was led to understand the poison was not a natural, but an artificial or magical poison. they then return to the university town of Manikak and talk to a goat herder mage named Rastafan. He tells them of a powerful mage named Arshak. he was the only one powerful enough to magically poison the entire village. we then receive a message from Johnny Strongman of chaos in Gorlens. just then Rastafan feels Arshak traveling through a portal. the group heads north into orc territory to investigate. as they are travelling they learn Pakak was burned. they got to Ruran to make sure it was unharmed, and then to Pakak to speak with survivors. 3 hobgoblins survived and tell group that 2 orc parties came, 1 from the north and 1 from the west. the food supplies from the human village were taken. they order all troops to gather at the stronghold and okak. a report from gorlens is recieved. Johnny Strongman has disappeared, but everything has settled down in the town. the group continues to travel north and receives a message from an eagle that there was an orc and hobgoblin battle near the north road. at this point they learn there are more hobgoblins in the southern mountains. after messenger leaves a group of orcs approach the group and tell them their “master” wants to negotiate. we go to the orc capitol and find Arshak has united the orcs in an army of 50,000. he tells us the hobgoblins in the south have a new leader. we make a treaty with him and agree to stop or pacify the hobgoblins in the south mountains. he is given all territory north and east of the valley, and we receive all territory of the valley and west and south. we agree to evacuate the goat herders from east mountains. in treaty we agree to this and recognize each other as nations. after this Johnny Strongman enlists some orcs in the games of combat. we tell the goat herders and elves to move to the plateau.then we hear that Danan was sacked.

Hobgoblin Alliance

10 men, 13 wome, and 20 children survived the sacking of Danan. when they were attacked, they sent 2 men to get help. 100 hobgoblins swarmed the village, took 20 women captive, and marched north into the forest. we travel west into the mountains to hunt for the leader of the hobgoblins, who was a deserter from the empire. while traveling, we spy a group of 50 hobgoblins asleep, and then spot another 100 in a different place. we ambush the 100, kill 40 of them and the rest run away. we loot the camp. we talk to the 50 hobgoblins that were asleep. they are deserters of the southern hobgoblins. they say the deserter has made an alliance with Arshak to crush the valley empire. the 50 hobgoblins agree to help kill the deserter. receive a message that the valley had a huge storm which flooded many villages and fields. we disguise ourselves in the armor of the dead hobgoblins and travel to the hobgoblin capitol. we infiltrate the camp and tell a herald we are representatives of tribe hobgobla-khan and come to see the leader of the hobgoblins. when we enter his tent, we kill the deserter. 5 guards come rushing in and we rush out of a hole in the tent. we climb onto a mountain side and watch the aftermath. the shaman zyfangar assumes authority. we return during the chaos and confusion. later we receive message from eagle that an orc army of 2000 attacked outside the fortress. our army lost 100 humans and 200 hobgoblins. we killed their general and 1250 orcs and captured 250 orcs. we meet with Zyfangar, he joins forces with us to kill Arshak. in one week we can have 2000 of their hobgoblins trained and in one month there will be 8000 more trained. we take the 2000 hobgoblins to the valley and train them. we plan on counter attacking the orcs.

Black Orc Battle

on our way back to the valley from the hobgoblin mountains we received a message from an eagle rider that the northern human village was pillaged. we send a return message to send 150 hobgoblins to patrol the northern borders. After training the southern hobgoblins for two weeks we receive a message that the 8000 other hobgoblins are on their way. we send scouts to the north to spy on the orcs. we send a messenger to the port for supplies. we send another messenger to the goat herders to train the hobgoblins in mountain/guerrilla warfare and survival in the mountains. we send another messenger to the dwarves fro supplies. at this point we were extremely low on food for the army. we assign the druids at the grove to research the food rock in hopes of reproducing it.
we receive a message from our scouts that there is lots of smoke at orc capitol. we go to investigate with a backup team of ten hobgoblins. on our second day out, we reach the foot of the mountains and kill six stirges. two days after that we find the body of a dead orc in jet black full plate armor. he has a symbol on him of a red circle with a black skull inside; he also has brass knuckles and a starstone and one weeks of rations. we loot his body. for a weapon he had a broken halberd, but it was broken. we guess the body was 3 days old. after two more days we reach the capitol. we find nothing left, it was completely burned. we also see the body of Arshak surrounded by piles of orc bodies in the black plate. we send a report to Johnny Strongman who talks to Rastafan. while there, we are attacked by 8 of the black orcs. we kill 2 of them, and the rest run away when Ryan the Druid calls down a lightning bolt. we follow them to a cave/hole in the ground. Rav uses a magic item to become ethereal and goes in. he finds a group inside that have gathered all the armor from the corpses. he doesn’t understand orcish very well, but hears the names Arugathan and vorshak and understand that they mean to attack the valley. he also hears mention of the drow. he comes back and tells the rest of the group. we cause the hole to cave in and then search for the normal orcs who were here in the past. we find useful items have been stolen from their dwellings, but not loot or treasure. we do not find anyone else. Ryan the Druid speaks with a goat kid and learns that 1,000 black orcs came from the north and made a camp one mile south from our position, and also that they seemed to fight better in daylight. we again send a message to Johnny Strongman who decides to hold a war council. we spy on the black orc camp. i thas lots of guards with torches. Ryan the Druid convinces a rabbit to spy for us. we send a message to johnny to station a northern border patrol, and then begin our journey to return to the valley.
on our third day we are ambushed by 6 human bandits.we killed four of them including a high level magic user. one ran away, and one surrendered. we interrogate the one we captured. he says that the mage was the half brother of both Rastafan and Arshak, somehow the two were related. he claims he did not know the orc capitol had been overrun. says his group came from the goat herder territory and agrees to convince them to help fight black orcs. informs us that when one of their group had put on the black armor, they turned into a creature similar to the zombies in the I AM LEGEND movie. he also agrees to scout out a place where we can fight orcs and have the advantage. we loot the dead bodies. we return to the valley after a total of a week of travel.
while we were gone an envoy from norwold has arrived. we meet with the southern hobgoblin leader , our generals, Johnny Strongman, Secaro, an elf name dsilvester, and the norwoldian ambassadors. we learn johnny has had a division trained for mountainous combat, and that there have been two reported cases of cannibalism among the hobgoblins. norwold offers their friendship and desires an embassy with us.
we learn that the leader of the orcs is an elf and claims to be the new king of norwold. he desires to conquer our valley. he is working with the drow and the deurgar. the black orcs are drones, they can see in day light without penalty and are afraid of magic. the black armor is made by the drow. if an orc wearing the armor tries to desert or be disobedient he will be killed by the armor. the thyatian empire won’t help us because they have a civil war. the enemy, or black orcs has wyverns in their control also. Norwold decides to send an expedition of adventurers to kill the elf king and his drow conspirators.
we attack and defeat the army of 1000 black orcs preparing to attack the valley. we cptured their leader and 240 prisoners. we lost 1190 troops. we killed a drow assassin who was sniping. we investigate the camp and find 25 goblin slaves, enough food for 1000 troops for 8 weeks, 10,000 gold peices, drow weapons and armor, and tracks leading away from the battle. we find the tracks lead to the hoe we found earlier and it has been cleared out. we tell the southern hobgoblins to return to their tribes and we send a drill instructor to each tribe. the rest of our army returns to the valley.

Pre Battle Dispositions

Battle of Zootem

The Expedition

we meet up with other adventurers, chad, Draconi, Galron, Shania, Stirling, Yech, and Gabriel in the northwest lake city in norwold to begin expedition to kill elf king. we travel downstream and on the third day meet a small black dragon. we knock it unconscious and then heal it. the norwold loyalists take the dragon and begin training it for service. that same night we stop at a town where the river gets too rough to travel. the next day we start on a road to the south. the first day we find a tower on the road. the guards of the tower demand a toll, we refuse and walk past. after a week on the road we reach the town north of the bay. we meet lord bonifer and his squire, ridley, and an elf named erastmus. we follow the coast, see an orc village and make a detour to avoid it. we meet an orc fisherman who tells us that tall people in armor will liberate his people from the black orcs. he brings us to a shaman, who tells his grandson to guide us to our destination. when we approach the mountains we are spotted by an orc patrol. we claim that we are mercenaries looking to be hired. they lead us to their base. we approach a small mountain valley with a man made conical mountain which is 100 ft high. we are led in by the patrol leader and 20 orcs ambush us. we kill them and continue into the complex. we find weapon rack with drow weaponry. we find a secret door with stairs. we go upstairs and meet the wizard Clarence. Ryan the Druid asks about him and we learn his background history. he gives us a potion of giant transformation and lets us rest in his room. we borrow three of his books, and Ryan the Druid offers him a job in the university town. we go back downstairs and find more stairs and go down them. we meet a drow in the hall who deserted, he didn’t want to lead a suicide attack against norwold. he tells us that Volanthar, the elf king, enchanted the orcs. he leads us to volanthar, but gets killed by another drow archer. we capture the archer and find he is not drow. he kills himself. be fore we can do any thing a beast bursts through the walls of the dungeon. it looks like a giant gorilla and rhinoceros cross. we flee up the stairs. we taunt the “Rynilla” with an illusion spell, and then a drow puts it to sleep with a spell. we follow the drow to a room that the drow use as a sleeping chamber. we cast an illusion of the rynilla in the room, and the drow discover its false nature. just then the rynilla wakes up and attacks the drow who put it to sleep again. the drow mutiny and kill their leader. they then discover our presence and we flee to the stairs where we fight 40 drow and kill 6. we find orcs at the top of the stairs. galron casts a stone wall which blocks the orcs. when we go back down the stairs we find the drow are gone. we search and find no one. we find a pit in a corner which leads to the next level of the dungeon. in the hallway a kitty cat is thrown through a wall we go through the hole in the wall and find a “civilized” orc. he is lectured by a caretaker for killing the cat. his name is ugar and is used as the basis to create an orc army of clones and we convince him to take us to volanthar. he barges into the council room and talks to volanthar. volanthar adjourns the meeting, and we talk to him. he agrees to a duel between the leaders of each group.

Ground Level
Wizard’s Chamber

Dungeon 1

Dungeon 2

Death of Volanthar

Stirling duels the dwarf, Rav duels the elf, and galron duels the drow. Stirling severely wounds the dwarf, when a fireball blass into the rest of the group. then stirling throws a spear at Volanthar, the dwarf picks up the spear and throws it back at him. Volanthar and the dwarf, Arugathon, are defeated. Stirling is able to hit the drow with a spear. Rav chases down the drow and injures him, then the drow escapes through a hole in the floor.Rav follows him and finds the hole is portal to the imperial city of thyatis. he follows a trail of blood to a small brook. he returns to the portal which transports him to a wasteland, he goes back to the portal again and he is returned to the cave where the group is. Rav kills Volanthar, and we keep the dwarf alive for questioning. we loot volanthar and arugathon. find in another room pulleys and levers which close and open doors. when we leave we bring ugar with us. we go in the portal and are in the kingdom of norwold. we journey 4 days to the capitol of norwold and report to the king. he gives everyone 500 gold each. the king gifts the north forest and northern orc mountains to the federation.

Establishing the Federation

when we return to the valley, Johnny Strongman is leading armies in campaign against remnant of orc clones.we learn the orcs in the forest are led by a chief gruk. we are taken by eagles to his base/fort. he agrees to join the federation if the goat herders stop threatening his lands. we are to meet at our fortress in one month. the eagles then take us to our army. we see the remains of an empty camp, find a human that is near death on a mountain. he was amushed by orcs. says, 40,000 orcs were in one army, and our army decided to attack. he leads us to our camp in a valley. many are wounded, including Johnny Strongman. when we reach him he drops a gold scepter. the scepter led to their victory, when it was captured the orcs were freed from their enchantment and chaos erupted. our army had ambushed the, but still received casualties of a third of our army. we captured many of the black suits of plate. 100 druids and clerics come to help heal the army. we return to the fortress. an envoy from thyatis recognizes us as a nation, the old emperor died, and a new one has been crowned. the thyatian embassy will hold a meeting for us with the leaders of all the regional leaders. the alphatian empire and kingdom of wendar also sent envoys to recognize us and establish trade relations. we meet on the 2nd anniversary of conquering the first hobgoblin tribe. we meet with King Redbeard, Elder Woden, Chief Gruk, Beldevere Redcloak, Shaman Arnog, and Raa. we present the constitution of federation and discuss it. there are many questions, we adjourn. we meet later that evening, make a tax ammmendment and convince the dwarves they don’t need a private army. every one agrees and signs the constitution. Ryan the Druid proposes Draco to be our first Marhu. we appoint the minsters and councilors.


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