Federation of Dargunn


robert, and nallik go with truadons hunting, kill t-rex, bring it back to village, they agree to join federation. duiring night the enchanted flower wilts, ghost possesses nallik he tries to kill other truafdons, people knock him unconsciuos. robert sneaks out of village. in morning the village condemns robert and two truadon take him to river and throw him in. robert tries to rescue him, fails. nallik dies. robert stays at village for a few days surviving on stolen food and fish. he then travels back to previuos vilage fishing on way, almost dieng from starvation.


when got back to village with elder’s body, feast on raptor body. receve special flower as token to keep roberts ghost at bay. convinced village to join federation. went downriver. on way hiunted dwon giant constrictor and poisonous snake, killed giant bird and giant beetle. after 6 days reach next village, sif. try to convince village to join federation. agree to join hunting party next day to prove value.


when they reach village of arnod, they find elf(robert) already there. He tells them of ghost that haunts him and kills nearest person every night. they become afraid and search out shaman of village. he will stop ghost if they retrieve something a child stole from him. they leave elf with shaman and go to house where child lives. encounter his mother. she claims shaman killed her cousin/husband. they go back to shaman. he claims it(a jawbone) contains a great evil and she wants to release it. they go back and steal jaw bone and run back to village where they give to shaman. meanwhile he performed ritual which surrounded robert with vines and commands him to not move till morning.

In the morning, the group is accused of killing an elder, after some investigation they decide he went hunting during the night. they find his trail and follow it. they find a dead velociraptor, and the elder dead. they bring his body and the raptor back to the village


during night they are awoken by a t-rex rampaging in the village. they chase it away. in morning chief tells them that if they kill t-rex he will listen to their arguments for joining the federation. they follow t-rex path and find young truadon boy and bring him back to village. deduce that boy is a were-rex. watch him overnight and he turns into t-rex. tie him down, test if he is were-rex by touching him with silver. in morning follow t-rex trail again, and found truadon footprints, leads to clearing in jungle with large rock. discover opening in rock. go inside and find the wizard lekem with a truadon in a cage. he says that this is the second were-rex he has seen, will not let group kill caged truadon(which need to do to cure young boy of lycanthrpope before the full moon sets). group goes outside. wait until nightfall, trysn sneaks in when lekem is asleep and feeds truadon some meat with silver hidden in side. the truadon eats it, and starts to burn from the inside until he is dead. on his way out trysn tries to assassinate lekem, who awakes and kills him with giant thorny vines. pillowpants came down to help, but is also killed by lekem. rest of group runs away.

went back to village. meet christianus smith, and some servants of his. he was there collecting alchemiocal ingredients. thogrin wants beer so they go searching for fruits and stuff so they can distill some alchohol. kill a triceratops. use its body parts to make a still. go back to village and give triceratops meet to chief. make canoe and go downriver to next village. meet traveling caravan with drugged pack animals. helped them. thogrin gets in fight with guards, almost dies and goes unconscious. group takes him away and they travel downriver until they reach next village.

exploration part 2

nallik and pillowpants traveled south. on first day, see approaching stampede, chased by 2 t-rex. after stampede meet torunon and yuplik. they are from the hare tribe. decide to go together to tribe. travel to hare. takes 7 days. talk to chief try to convince to join federation. stay overnight

exploration part 1

in yoker nallik and pillowpants make freinds with city guard, garfunkle, whio gives them his boat. go to rivertown with him, he won’t enter swamp of beast. they travel on river through swamp, meet necromancer in graveyard, convince him to join. near end of swamp meet little boy holding sign, tent behind him. charging 5 silver for entry into the hall of wonders. inside meet professor hardwick. continue on river to zillaton. necromancer decides to stay at zillaton. they convince a young truadon(member of pink claws hunting gang) to accompany them. they travel south, young hunter leaves at base of mountains. they enter pass, find a dead wyvern and harvest fangs and wings. keep traveling south.

jouney=12days on river to zillaton, 4days walking south=16 days total

truadon city

nallik, a traudon, is travelling through zuburg, meets trysn. trysn is assigned by CO to be guide for nallik. they go to yoker. nallik money/spear is stolen. trysn contacts old freinds in yoker th;at are part of a criminal organization, gets beat up by them. migrad and other dwarves nearby lagh at beaten up trysn. guards break up the fight. migrad and pillowpants make plans to get in on the thunderstalk drug business. nallik and trysn go to library and look at maps and stuff. they met with local authorites. told that they willl be paid one gold for every 30 sq miles(6 mile hex) mapped. also informed of work to prepeare truadon tribes as a region of federation. travel around swamp, follow river to truadon city. talk to truadons, hold plebiscite, truadon vote to join federation. t-rex attacks, every one runs, but trysn. trysn kills trex. they go back to yoker and give regional gov draft to local authorities.

Death of an Emperor

The group meets a truodon in a city on their way south. After some discussion the truodon agrees to accompany the group on their search for the emperor. Some time later, the group reaches the home of the dwarves. After paying for licenses for magical goods, the group enters the mountain road where they meet a gnome riding a triceratops. Shatner buys the triceratops from the gnome, who had thought the triceratops was a hog and had planned to enter it into a hog race.s. The group hears a scream, so they tie up the triceratops and go to investigate. it is during this that Christianus Smith goes missing. The group encounter some dwarves. 2 dwarves are killed, one runs away, and the last is tied up. The group finds a diary that speaks of Shazu, a name the dwarves had also been saying. The tied dwarf is made to lead us to Shazu, though he could not speak any language that the party could. The group finds a room with a wardrobe, and a tunnel at the back of the wardrobe. Following the tunnel, the group finds the emperor and some guards. The party attacks. After the failed attack, Shazu (a beholder) is summoned by the emperor. The group fights Shazu, but eventually succumbs to his will. They find the gemstone for the staff of the beholder and Shazu destroys it, thus freeing himself from its control. The group then finds the emperor again and allows Shazu to eat him. With the emperor dead, the group continues their travel to the dwarf town.


after chasing off the the emperor, the group takes contol of the mountain elemental uklanda and travels to the plateau. while there they find a desert owl beak(required to heal christianus of his broken back. they travel north to druid shaman outside of snagahan. the shaman heals christianus. this where they met the truadon, torunon, for the first time(mentioned in the next log).

The END!
Here's my nonsense

November 8

Orc “friends” were gone.
Travel Southeast from pakak.
James takes a leak on Christianus in the morning after Christianus woke us up.
christianus spats at james. It ignites. james doves in the stream to put it out. It doesn’t go out until he gets his head back above water. james passed out. Scythe performed first aid.
Christianus was crying because he almost killed james.
reach town of Snagahan just as lightning storm starts.
James pays for a room a crowded inn. someone had to be kicked out.
Hobgoblin tells of Shamin Jou (pronounced Jow).
go to see shaman quided by barmaid Salie
shaman heals James, including his eye. eye can only see infrared light.
Must get liver of black widow and beak of burrowing owl.
will heal christian after getting these items.
James finds and delivers liver.
James sleeps, christianus and scythe drink, pass out, and get kicked out of the inn.
set upon by kobold while heading east.
“leave the lands of the great meriiiiiiiiii”
We wake up from out two hour nap and feed Christian
We found a bunny in a hole.
Captain Kirk tries to grab it, but could because of his rabbit eyes.
We spots a bunch of rabbit/gopher holes and maybe…BURRUW OWL
We have an encounter, damn.
We met an elf and a Truadon who were dueling and we talked to them.
We didn’t get anything from the dueling pair, so we asked a family of elves who building an illegal tree houses.
We warned them about the Hobgoblin village and we asked them about the Blair Witch Projects and Unicorns and learned that Unicorn go to those who are pure of heart.
We slept.
We awoke to fog.
We head south and walk through the night.
Morning, sunny day, suckers.
We walked South and sleep until morning.
It’s day time and sunny and we are starting to be paranoid schizophrenic.
Thunderstorm when we arrive in town at noon.
Now we were bathing and http://youtu.be/uTlJjFZL3zw?t=18s and clothing Christian.
We move on to a hobgoblin town. We cause a fight while Captain Kirk gets branded of a pig. We are still going South.
They are arguing and I am letting them die arguing with grass is caught by the spit napalm fire.
Captain Kirk blew the horn and the, MASTER, think we had the staff even though we don’t.
Scythe took out the eye while being distracted by Christian and Captain Kirk, and the walking mountain collapse. Scythe was trapped and tortured by Thyatians. I told them a few white lies and they let me free.
Captain Kirk and Christian were imprison and I warned the village closest to the falling mountain about the Thyatians. Scythe told a story.
Scythe ask everybody to charge and attack the Thyatians.
Wizard escaped with the Emperor and Wizard name Lekem while the Garrison comes out.

Scooby Doo Ending

We killed the Emperor and stole the staff. We found the eye and Christian. We created a walking mountain and there more adventure ensues.


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