Federation of Dargunn

Secret Society?

in council we discuss a new amendment. make new coinage regulation. discuss forgery. decide magical forgery is of highest treaon. discuss foreign companies. debate taxes.
omar, Rav, and Ug Lee are in special forces. we learn of secret society. they are sent to investigate. they are dropped off at the wizard’s mountain by the eagles, anbd parachute down. they land on the opposite side of the mountain and walk around it to the entrance. they knock on the door, but nothing happens. they knock again and hear a voice. they are let in after a discussion about a fat guy. an old guy sneaks up on them with a blue flamed lantern. their torch goes out and they use a glowing sword for light. they come to a dead end and Rav walks into a sliding glass door. he finds a brick sticking out and pushes it in and then pulls it out. the plexiglass bends. he pulls the brick again and the door opens. they climb the stairs and have tea with Clarence. they are “poofed” into a triangular room. they go down a pitt. walk down a hallway. they see ugar’s room and attempt to steal his cat. and the cat bites and scratches. they are able to catch the satanic kitten and put it in a backpack. they get licked by some other kittens. they leave. the cat escapes, but they are able to catch it again. they see a person in a black cloak and talk to him. he is mohonri, 85 years older than before. a mage had gotten mad and sent him back in time.

Norwold Campaign 2

Rav goes to the city to make contact with the resistance. he is questioned by a guard and then followed. he uses his ability to become ethereal. he tells a guy we will attack at midnight. the south gate will be secured for us. meanwhile mohonris has gotten teh crew of ship to help him. 3 are assigned to fling the ship, 4 assigned to weapons plus mohonri. the weapons are the sonic blast and his sniper crossbow. he arrives at 10 pm. the infiltrated garrison plays dead at the south gate. we begin our assault. the reinforcement army immediately charges omar and Rav. they throw potions at them. 1500 die because of the bottles of death. omar and rav wait for them to chase them. 10,000 more die before they give chase. mohonri takes off and is not very effective at first. the guild navy of 15 ships notice him, now his attacks are more effective and he destroys one ship. some magic users come out and he attacks them. 3 of their cannons almost hit him. the cannons that missed hit other ships that were firing. the sonic cannon takes out 2 ships. and then 2 more, 3 begin to retreat. he takes out 2 more ships. a cannonball hits one of our masts, but we take out 2 more ships. we take out 3 more ships. we chase the 3 that are retreating on the ocean and not flying. we battle the first ship and demolish it. we take out the mast of the second ship and sink the third ship. a cannon fromthe second ship hits our deck and we demand surrender. 50 men surrender. we tow the ship back to the harbor. at the main battle up north the norwold people were able to unify and decimate the guild.at alphatia, the troops are armored with pikes, bows, slings, and some cavalry. our range equipped dwarves take out 100 of them and then retreat to the forest. the firecon(horses) riders run through their ranks and drop bottles of death which kill 2000 of them and 400 cavalry. we send in our orcs and hobgoblins to take the city. we are able to take the city and 4000 of the guard join us. we build fortifications in the city. dwarves are well hidden and harrazz the enemy, killing 4200 in the night. at dawn a bridge is being formed for norwold across the bay. the guild leaves the forest and returns to the city. we defend the city so it looks like just an orc horde form outside the city. we make fortifications all around the city. we shoot some heads form corpses with catapults towards them to demoralize them. we go out to parley. mohonri and omar and 2000 hobgoblins talk with 50 of their officers, 5 talk with mohonri, omar and Lord Commenus. we tell them to lay down arms and leave, join us, or die. they talk amongst themselves. we summon rav to communicate with our government. they want citizenship with us. we agree if they participate in our wargames. 15 of the guild leaders are made prisoners and given to us. 3,800 trained and medium armored guild troops join our forces along with one ship with a cannon and crew. we get 3 of the ships repaired with cannons. the ships are 300 feet long with 128 cannons. the soldiers are a mixture of orcs, knolls, and humans.

Guild Battle

Norwold Campaign 1

in council, orc, human, and dwarven are recognized as minor languages. sentience is defined. agree to have blacksmiths send some armor to druids to to be enchanted for our elite troops. create the labor commission. we send special forces to scout out rebel defenses. as we adjourn we all hear a voice in our head that says we will not survive.
eagles transport us to port of gorlens. the eagle recognizes gabriel and wants to fight him? gabriel wins the fight. we go on a ship. to norwold? meet a ship form the guild, race/chase each other. they start flying? on the way we see 15 more ships going north and south. we arrive and dock. have to pay 30 gold and tell them our names at the dock. we go to their barracks and find it houses 50,000 soldiers. omar andRav register while mohori hides. mohonriu gets into a fight and wins, takes some kind of special armor and a helmet, a high quality quartz scimitar, and weighted brass knuckles. omar and Rav find mohonri after the fight. mohonri is taken to a room and talks to a guy. told to go north in the center of the city and contact jarum. the password is freehold, with the reply death to liberators. mohonti finds some friends. we find an inn and sleep. we all the same nightmare. in it we went to find the contact and were ambushed by people with slings and killed. the next day we go across the bay to a village and get some horses. we go towards a fort and follow a road. we find the guild camp. they have 200,000 troops, only 2,000 are actually guild soldiers. we send Rav to find Jarum. we meet with him and and convince the norwoldians to join together to defeat the guild. we tell our army to go back to meet reinforcements. we say any routers were captured by alphatia.
when we arrive, we see crucifixitions outside. we go to mohonri’s contact. he goes to the dragon city and is told to advise the council of dargunn that thyatis will make a mock war. we are to continue with our plans. we leave and gather five “con” horses=go super super fast. we bring 1000 dwarves with the help of 100 eagles into norwold. we spread some rumors in the town. omar gets caught, afterwards he gets some new papers. omar attacks the fort across the bay. the fort loses 10 men, and 20 men flee. then the fort is retaken. mohonri uses explosives to destroy half of a government building. then he plants a bottle of death in the barracks. rumors continue to spread, and our army arrives.

some things don’t make sense, and i’m not really sure what happened.

Council Meeting

we meet in council the next day. The minister of culture did not create a definition for sentience and is admonished. Amendments are proposed and sent for voting to the bureau of the people. new monetary system is proposed. Chief Gruk asks if the army will accept orcs and he is told to organize the details with the ihesh. we are running low on money, Chief Gruk suggests we pillage and plunder. we agree to allow orcs to plunder the norwoldian rebels. Lord Commenus has trained 50 cataphracts and we agree to use them in the army. a special forces is created and Rav is made the special forces captain. we allow the ministry of trade to come up with solutions for our low amount of currency. we decide hobos will be the official language of the federation.

The Guild

we wake up without any equipment in a dimly lit dungeon cell.there is a very small door in one wall. it is just over 3 feet tall like it was made for a halfling. we get really thirsty and find a bowl of water which Draco drinks. we hear footsteps outside the door. Draco tries to break down the door and falls over. then Rav tries to break down the door and it opens before he hits it. he gets kicked by a guard. we ask the guard some questions and find we were in the cell for 3 days. he locks us in and leaves. approximately 4 hours later a grayish skinned man wearing a black cloak with gold embroidery, called “his majesty” comes to our cell with an escort of guards carrying lights. his skin looks like the gray of a dead person, but he doesn’t look old, or have wrinkles. we follow him into a hall with other short cell doors and full of halfling prisoners. we exit the prison area and enter a barracks chamber. then we go down some stairs, pass more doors, and come to a 4 way intersection with lots of traffic. no one seems to notice “his majesty”. we go straight and through a door to a convention hall with a gathering of many people. there is a throne, the man on the throne looks familiar and calls “his majesty” the prison warden. as we get closer we recognize the man on the throne is Lord Namock, who was a refugee from Thyatis. he also recognizes us. he give us thanks and tells us he will let us go if we declare war on Thyatis. he claims the guild is already starting to take root in thyatis, infiltrating the government, and has claimed norwold. he says we will be surrounded by the guild. we agree to his terms, write a contract and sign it. we are sent home and 50 of their men follow us. we return by ship, the 50 men were on a different ship and attacked by a thyatian war ship and defeat it.
when we reach Gorlens, we find 2 cogs in port from Alphatia. we learn that the guild originated in alphatia. The guild is composed of many different guilds under a central hierarchy, and teaches children must be assigned to a guild and be obey his guild. Gorlens has been growing, the old governor has been overthrown and exiled to an island. an elf is now governor, not very friendly to us. we attempt to steal his ring of communication and fail, then we try spying on him, with our locator map. we give up and travel to the capitol normally. when we reach teh dwarven road we have to pay a 5 gp toll. there is a lot of traffic on the road. the tunnel of the road is decorated with faerie fire. the tunnel opens to an underground cavern with a large dwarven city. the dwarves seem happy and contented because of all the commerce they have monopolized on. we reach the university town and find it is growing. it has been growing because of the entrance to the dwarven road. there have been immigrants coming form the southwest, wendar and other small kingdoms. we meet an old man and he tells us his uncle built the wizrd’s mountain. he follows us. we reach the southern village, which has also grown. there is more freshly plowed farmland. as we journey north we see more and more poverty. there are almost no cases of criminal activity. we also notice there are less goblins and kobolds in the forest than in the past. we reach the grove and Ryan the Druid tells us norwold and the empire have both been infiltrated by the guild. There is so much poverty because the dwarves completely control the economy as far as currency goes. the federation has appointed ambassadors to foreign countries to gain some currency for the country, but Beldevere Redcloakhas been fighting our progress. he has his own currency of money in Yoker. Ryan the Druid suspects he has been bribed by the guild. Both the orc and Hobgoblin populations are growing rapidly. Chief Gruk and Shaman Arnog seem to be wise in matters of state. we have established a trade treaty with wendar and Thyatis. we teleport to the council chamber and call an emergency council meeting. Assign the ministry of culture to create definition of sentience in order to curb discrimination against goblins and Kobolds. Secaro threatens King Redbeard and he agrees to let their profits spread to the rest of the country. we decide that until the guild reveals its true leader and intention of good will toward the federation, guild operations are banned from our territory.

The Black Cloaks

During a council meeting, a man,Emmanon, comes to us requesting aid to fight rebels in Norwold. the rebels call themselves the “Guild” and are ruled by intellectuals. their philosophy is taught by Xean-hu. Emmanon wants land to combat his philosophies. we give him a parcel in the university town. we decide that we will vote on the support of the rebel or the loyalists. a Lord Namnok of thyatis is granted an audience. he claims he was banished by the emperor and the new emperor is a brute and wants to destroy us. there is much propaganda in the empire against the federation. he advises us to ally with the kingdom of wendar and the norwold monarchy. we vote to build roads to all our towns and build keeps in each one. a Lord Commenus comes from thyatis to request residence and political standing in our government. he wants to become a military adviser or commander. the orcs and hobgoblins dislike him.adjourn, after lunch Tianna enters with ambassador from wendar. orcs want her to be a tavern wench, we appoint her as governor of northern mountain orcs. we meet with Johnny Strongman. he wants an investigation of thyatis to take place. requests Tianna go to investigate also. he thinks Lord Commenus should be put to work.
the ministry of state organizes an investigation expedition of the state of thyatis. Tianna, Draco, Rav, Emmanon, and Johnny Strongman go with five hobgoblin troops to the wizard’s mountain where we use the portal to reach the empire. on the way we see a few fresh orc bodies. when we reach the portal we discover it has moved to a completely new tunnel. we go through and eventually all reach the same spot. we arrive in the city of Darokin. 6 assassins attack us and then flee. we travel for 2 weeks to reach Specularum. then we travel for one week on a ship to reach thyatis, the city. we are escorted to palace and told that the empire pasively support the rebels in norwold, and that they do support the federation. we are told the black cloaks may cause us some problems. when we return to an inn, we learn that thyatis is at war with alphatia and thyatis is winning currently. we learn the black cloaks are a secret society that shelters the impoverished. they are a very radical political group. we find a meeting place and go to their meeting after dusk. the password was roast beef. we came dressed in black cloaks for a disguise. many of the members were drow. we go to another meeting later, the password changed to fried yams. we learn that the society is against dynastic governments, or ones that have been around for too long. they believe after a government has been in office too long, they become corrupt. there were 40 people at the meeting of all races, but many, many drow. they are against the guild in norwold. Rav becomes ethereal and spys on them after meeting. he sees strange rituals and hears about assassination plans. learns there is an operative in Dargunn. they talk about some new spells and magical research. the drow leave through one door, and the rest go back to the surface. Rav comes and tells us what he heard. we go and follow the drow. come to a door with an inscription. we open it, Draco gets punched and is knocked unconscious. they rest kill the drow who punched him. we hear bells and footsteps coming toward us. a gas fills the hall and we all fall unconscious.

Establishing the Federation

when we return to the valley, Johnny Strongman is leading armies in campaign against remnant of orc clones.we learn the orcs in the forest are led by a chief gruk. we are taken by eagles to his base/fort. he agrees to join the federation if the goat herders stop threatening his lands. we are to meet at our fortress in one month. the eagles then take us to our army. we see the remains of an empty camp, find a human that is near death on a mountain. he was amushed by orcs. says, 40,000 orcs were in one army, and our army decided to attack. he leads us to our camp in a valley. many are wounded, including Johnny Strongman. when we reach him he drops a gold scepter. the scepter led to their victory, when it was captured the orcs were freed from their enchantment and chaos erupted. our army had ambushed the, but still received casualties of a third of our army. we captured many of the black suits of plate. 100 druids and clerics come to help heal the army. we return to the fortress. an envoy from thyatis recognizes us as a nation, the old emperor died, and a new one has been crowned. the thyatian embassy will hold a meeting for us with the leaders of all the regional leaders. the alphatian empire and kingdom of wendar also sent envoys to recognize us and establish trade relations. we meet on the 2nd anniversary of conquering the first hobgoblin tribe. we meet with King Redbeard, Elder Woden, Chief Gruk, Beldevere Redcloak, Shaman Arnog, and Raa. we present the constitution of federation and discuss it. there are many questions, we adjourn. we meet later that evening, make a tax ammmendment and convince the dwarves they don’t need a private army. every one agrees and signs the constitution. Ryan the Druid proposes Draco to be our first Marhu. we appoint the minsters and councilors.

Death of Volanthar

Stirling duels the dwarf, Rav duels the elf, and galron duels the drow. Stirling severely wounds the dwarf, when a fireball blass into the rest of the group. then stirling throws a spear at Volanthar, the dwarf picks up the spear and throws it back at him. Volanthar and the dwarf, Arugathon, are defeated. Stirling is able to hit the drow with a spear. Rav chases down the drow and injures him, then the drow escapes through a hole in the floor.Rav follows him and finds the hole is portal to the imperial city of thyatis. he follows a trail of blood to a small brook. he returns to the portal which transports him to a wasteland, he goes back to the portal again and he is returned to the cave where the group is. Rav kills Volanthar, and we keep the dwarf alive for questioning. we loot volanthar and arugathon. find in another room pulleys and levers which close and open doors. when we leave we bring ugar with us. we go in the portal and are in the kingdom of norwold. we journey 4 days to the capitol of norwold and report to the king. he gives everyone 500 gold each. the king gifts the north forest and northern orc mountains to the federation.

The Expedition

we meet up with other adventurers, chad, Draconi, Galron, Shania, Stirling, Yech, and Gabriel in the northwest lake city in norwold to begin expedition to kill elf king. we travel downstream and on the third day meet a small black dragon. we knock it unconscious and then heal it. the norwold loyalists take the dragon and begin training it for service. that same night we stop at a town where the river gets too rough to travel. the next day we start on a road to the south. the first day we find a tower on the road. the guards of the tower demand a toll, we refuse and walk past. after a week on the road we reach the town north of the bay. we meet lord bonifer and his squire, ridley, and an elf named erastmus. we follow the coast, see an orc village and make a detour to avoid it. we meet an orc fisherman who tells us that tall people in armor will liberate his people from the black orcs. he brings us to a shaman, who tells his grandson to guide us to our destination. when we approach the mountains we are spotted by an orc patrol. we claim that we are mercenaries looking to be hired. they lead us to their base. we approach a small mountain valley with a man made conical mountain which is 100 ft high. we are led in by the patrol leader and 20 orcs ambush us. we kill them and continue into the complex. we find weapon rack with drow weaponry. we find a secret door with stairs. we go upstairs and meet the wizard Clarence. Ryan the Druid asks about him and we learn his background history. he gives us a potion of giant transformation and lets us rest in his room. we borrow three of his books, and Ryan the Druid offers him a job in the university town. we go back downstairs and find more stairs and go down them. we meet a drow in the hall who deserted, he didn’t want to lead a suicide attack against norwold. he tells us that Volanthar, the elf king, enchanted the orcs. he leads us to volanthar, but gets killed by another drow archer. we capture the archer and find he is not drow. he kills himself. be fore we can do any thing a beast bursts through the walls of the dungeon. it looks like a giant gorilla and rhinoceros cross. we flee up the stairs. we taunt the “Rynilla” with an illusion spell, and then a drow puts it to sleep with a spell. we follow the drow to a room that the drow use as a sleeping chamber. we cast an illusion of the rynilla in the room, and the drow discover its false nature. just then the rynilla wakes up and attacks the drow who put it to sleep again. the drow mutiny and kill their leader. they then discover our presence and we flee to the stairs where we fight 40 drow and kill 6. we find orcs at the top of the stairs. galron casts a stone wall which blocks the orcs. when we go back down the stairs we find the drow are gone. we search and find no one. we find a pit in a corner which leads to the next level of the dungeon. in the hallway a kitty cat is thrown through a wall we go through the hole in the wall and find a “civilized” orc. he is lectured by a caretaker for killing the cat. his name is ugar and is used as the basis to create an orc army of clones and we convince him to take us to volanthar. he barges into the council room and talks to volanthar. volanthar adjourns the meeting, and we talk to him. he agrees to a duel between the leaders of each group.

Ground Level
Wizard’s Chamber

Dungeon 1

Dungeon 2

Black Orc Battle

on our way back to the valley from the hobgoblin mountains we received a message from an eagle rider that the northern human village was pillaged. we send a return message to send 150 hobgoblins to patrol the northern borders. After training the southern hobgoblins for two weeks we receive a message that the 8000 other hobgoblins are on their way. we send scouts to the north to spy on the orcs. we send a messenger to the port for supplies. we send another messenger to the goat herders to train the hobgoblins in mountain/guerrilla warfare and survival in the mountains. we send another messenger to the dwarves fro supplies. at this point we were extremely low on food for the army. we assign the druids at the grove to research the food rock in hopes of reproducing it.
we receive a message from our scouts that there is lots of smoke at orc capitol. we go to investigate with a backup team of ten hobgoblins. on our second day out, we reach the foot of the mountains and kill six stirges. two days after that we find the body of a dead orc in jet black full plate armor. he has a symbol on him of a red circle with a black skull inside; he also has brass knuckles and a starstone and one weeks of rations. we loot his body. for a weapon he had a broken halberd, but it was broken. we guess the body was 3 days old. after two more days we reach the capitol. we find nothing left, it was completely burned. we also see the body of Arshak surrounded by piles of orc bodies in the black plate. we send a report to Johnny Strongman who talks to Rastafan. while there, we are attacked by 8 of the black orcs. we kill 2 of them, and the rest run away when Ryan the Druid calls down a lightning bolt. we follow them to a cave/hole in the ground. Rav uses a magic item to become ethereal and goes in. he finds a group inside that have gathered all the armor from the corpses. he doesn’t understand orcish very well, but hears the names Arugathan and vorshak and understand that they mean to attack the valley. he also hears mention of the drow. he comes back and tells the rest of the group. we cause the hole to cave in and then search for the normal orcs who were here in the past. we find useful items have been stolen from their dwellings, but not loot or treasure. we do not find anyone else. Ryan the Druid speaks with a goat kid and learns that 1,000 black orcs came from the north and made a camp one mile south from our position, and also that they seemed to fight better in daylight. we again send a message to Johnny Strongman who decides to hold a war council. we spy on the black orc camp. i thas lots of guards with torches. Ryan the Druid convinces a rabbit to spy for us. we send a message to johnny to station a northern border patrol, and then begin our journey to return to the valley.
on our third day we are ambushed by 6 human bandits.we killed four of them including a high level magic user. one ran away, and one surrendered. we interrogate the one we captured. he says that the mage was the half brother of both Rastafan and Arshak, somehow the two were related. he claims he did not know the orc capitol had been overrun. says his group came from the goat herder territory and agrees to convince them to help fight black orcs. informs us that when one of their group had put on the black armor, they turned into a creature similar to the zombies in the I AM LEGEND movie. he also agrees to scout out a place where we can fight orcs and have the advantage. we loot the dead bodies. we return to the valley after a total of a week of travel.
while we were gone an envoy from norwold has arrived. we meet with the southern hobgoblin leader , our generals, Johnny Strongman, Secaro, an elf name dsilvester, and the norwoldian ambassadors. we learn johnny has had a division trained for mountainous combat, and that there have been two reported cases of cannibalism among the hobgoblins. norwold offers their friendship and desires an embassy with us.
we learn that the leader of the orcs is an elf and claims to be the new king of norwold. he desires to conquer our valley. he is working with the drow and the deurgar. the black orcs are drones, they can see in day light without penalty and are afraid of magic. the black armor is made by the drow. if an orc wearing the armor tries to desert or be disobedient he will be killed by the armor. the thyatian empire won’t help us because they have a civil war. the enemy, or black orcs has wyverns in their control also. Norwold decides to send an expedition of adventurers to kill the elf king and his drow conspirators.
we attack and defeat the army of 1000 black orcs preparing to attack the valley. we cptured their leader and 240 prisoners. we lost 1190 troops. we killed a drow assassin who was sniping. we investigate the camp and find 25 goblin slaves, enough food for 1000 troops for 8 weeks, 10,000 gold peices, drow weapons and armor, and tracks leading away from the battle. we find the tracks lead to the hoe we found earlier and it has been cleared out. we tell the southern hobgoblins to return to their tribes and we send a drill instructor to each tribe. the rest of our army returns to the valley.

Pre Battle Dispositions

Battle of Zootem


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