Federation of Dargunn

quest for the heart stone

the group is attacked by 8 large creatures which look like hobgoblins. they burn one and Rav cuts off all their heads. they realize they are thouls. they find loot. they continue and are attacked by 3 trolls. Ug Lee‘s horse is killed. they disable the trolls and run. they are then attacked by what look like griffins. Rav’s horse is torn in two. they kill several of the griffins. while Ug Lee is getting healed, he gets the griffin’s wings grafted onto him. Blair becomes infatuated with him. they find a cabin and are attacked by giant crab spiders. they kill them and spend the night in the cabin. Ug Lee’s wings are fully healed in the morning. they continue on the trail and find a cave. they find 6 dire wolves and kill them. they leave and find another cave. there are skulls of lizards floating in the air. Blair touches one and it falls down into a trap door. Ug Lee throws a rotting leg onto it and it opens, the leg falls, and closes. he cuts it open and then it collapses completely. they go down the trap door with a rope and find a path. they follow it find 12 statues. Ug Lee attacks one and nothing happens. they continue and find another cavern. they find it has a frozen lake with treasure on other side of lake. they get to the treasure and 2 10 foot long lizards come out of the lake. Blair gets petrified, Ug Lee gets injured but takes potion given to him by omar. they flee and leave blair petrified. Ug Lee and Rav fight Omar. Ug Lee uses a magic ring on blair to heal her and then they retreat. Rav goes back in and grabs a green glowing heart shaped stone, but is petrified. omar rescues rav, but dropped the green heart stone in the water. he prays and receives inspiration and finds a path behind some loose rubble. they enter a cavern with green slime on the walls, light it on fire. they continue in the dungeon. they come to a magically locked door, fight each other again. they go up spiral stairs. they find a secret door and find a bedroom and rest. then they continue and kill 4 golems. they meet an old man who tells them how to find the master thief. they go up stairs to his lair. they encounter some gray ooze and defeat it. they find another secret door and a halway lighted by continual light gems. they enter a room with the heart stone. their injuries heal. some red humanoid figures begin to in the air. they see a hooded man. the red figures transform into each member of the group and attack. the thief escapes, but leaves the heart stone. they kill their duplicates and take the heart stone. when they try to go through the same door as the master thief they have to kill some bronze golems. they go through the door and find the room filled with treasure. omar pulls a lever and they hear water rushing toward hem, so he pushes the lever the opposite way. they continue to another room where they find another secret door. they find the equipment of a dead adventurer. they go back and find the treasure room has water leaking under the door. they go down a water slide. then they go down a spiral staircase and enter another room where they find a diary. then they leave and return to where the cabin was and find it burnt down and the cart they brought was also burnt. some trolls attack them and omar kills them with his flaming sword. they find some troll treasure. they go back to where the hobgoblins were who demand payment for passage and omar gives them some copper. omar tells them about the federation and they say they will travel there. they return to the king and deliver the heart stone and receive their reward.

plan to defeat dark lord

Rav talks to council about elf army. the council assigns the special forces to negotiate and orders them to kill the leaders if they don’t want peace. they go to the elven camp. Rav sneaks in and finds elves with hair are doing a strange dance around a bonfire. they discuss battle plans. the elves with hair are girls. they have good maps of the area. trahern, ug, and Rav go to the camp with a white flag. elves confront them and demand to know why they are trespassing. a fight breaks out. they escape. Rav goes back in late at night and finds that the bald elves with ponytails on the back of their head were males. he sees they are participating in an orgy type ceremony with incense. he boecomes light headed because of the incense. he lights all their battle maps and plans on fire and then joins the orgy. rav wakes up later and then uses his shield of ethereality to sneak out. he goes back to the rest of the group and reports. they find the army has packed up and is moving north. the elves come to a fortress and go inside.
the new emperor of alphatia appears via a teleportation spell right in front of the group and informs them that the elves, along with some other minor countries have already agreed to help him. he wants to destroy the darklord. says the darklord is all powerful at present and enslaved the immortals(gods) of this world centuries ago. his one weakness is that he cannot travel in time, and the immortals can there fore they can send someone back to when the darklord was mortal and he can be defeated. the emperor teleports us back to the council where they discuss it and agree to send a volunteer force. we are told because the dark lord will be removed from the timeline, our land including the geography will never have existed, however the gods are amazed by our federation and will relocate us elsewhere.
in the council helskir is still asking for our help and the council decides to remain neutral in this affair. the ambassador of greendale asks for help. says anyone who goes to a certain place, sohrah, either doesn’t return or goes mad. the council assigns some druids and mages to investigate. communication from the western union of the sind desert welcomes trade and good relationship between our people. receive word that the first trade caravans from wendar have arrived overland. the council approves the druids to cure the disease of plants in eastern mountains by any means they can. the council finalizes trade agreement with the dragon city.
Rav and Ug Lee go on a quest for the heart stone. they travel to Gier and the patriarch tells them where they might be able to find it and that he believes the master thief has stolen it. offers a reward of 10,000 gold each. he gives them some special tongs to pick it up with and a lead box for transportation. they are given fresh horses and a golden ring of spell storage. they cross a bridge in a marsh and are attacked by ghouls and kill 12 of them. they find the ghoul’s lair and loot their treasure. they cross another bridge and continue on the path. they are attacked by 12 troglodytes and kill 11 of them. Ug Lee harvests some troglodyte oil. they continue and are attacked by 12 more troglodytes which they kill. they find some treasure. they come to another clearing and throw flaming objects at some troglodytes. they find more treasure and a map. they backtrack and find another bridge. they see a chimera, are attacked by it, and then it goes back in the water. they continue and hear some hobgoblins talking. they confront them and attack. some of them flee. they find a small village and a trap door in a house. they go in the trapdoor and find 4 thouls and their king. they talk to the king. he tells them about a man who has a glowing stone hung around his neck who pays the king to to kill any travelers. they give the king a gem and leave. they find a pit and collapse it and go around it.


in the council, reports are received that the empire is in confusion, there are more monster uprisings in the empire, and the dragon city is holding a council to deal with the lack of concern and action in the government. communicate with dragon city through ring. we agree to trade between us, they want a report on prisoners in 6 months. Beldevere Redcloak wants to expand his territory in to the swamp of beasts, is granted request. roads are approved for tribes outside of valley. hear that plants are dying in east mountains. the emmisary form hellskir requests help because alphatia wants to forcibly annex them. hear that there is a revolution in norwold. there is a message from gier that the heartstone has gone missing.
a bald elf is brought before the council. he was scouting for his country, lothadar. it is an isolationist elven kingdom. learn that lothadar plans to invade the federation. assign 500 orcs and 500 dwarves to southern hobgoblins as extra defense. send special forces to operate in that region as well. send elf back to his land with a guard of ten of our elves.
our frigate has been constructed. the representatives from thyatia know nothing of lothadar. we learn of a proclamation that oceansend issued. it claimed all the land between the federation and norwold and will give reward for any “monster” heads, orcs, goblin, etc. alphatia will not give up its claims to helskir.

our special forces scout and find a bald elf spy and capture him.at the edge of the mountains they find a huge camp of elves as far as the eye can see. Rav runs back to camp to inform everyone.



the council agrees we will help thyatis to rebuild their government. assigns the special forces to remove any guild loyalists.
omar and Rav, and Ug Lee are taken to the orc mountains by the eagles. they find an orc camp and Ug Lee tries to convince them all to worship him. he and omar fight Rav, who escapes by going ethereal and drinks a healing potion. Ug Lee talks to orcs to find out why they are gathered. says they have new boss. and they left their old boss Tianna because of the new rulers of the area. an orc leads them to his boss. takes them to the wizard’s mtn. on the first floor there is an orc behind a desk who charges a fee for use of the portal.

Thyatian Defeat

we send Rav, gabriel and Johnny Strongman as emmissaries to the enemy. 20 elves wish to speak to our commander. the elves surrender. the thyatians release the elven prisoners. we have our dwarves build as many catapults and sharpened stakes as they can in a single day. we learn that the legion is using a portal to travel from their camp. Rav follows them. we find that all the magical items they had don’t go through the portal and Ug Lee loots. he begins killing some of the legionaires. darren the dark, one of the federation mages, tasks a demon to find where the portal leads to. the demon says the portal’s destination is 500 to 700 miles north northwest. Rav asks the men who went through with him where they are now, and no one pays any attention to him. finds he is in dargunn 10 miles from the capitol and meets with 4 of the council members.
daryn the dark uses a magic eye spell to see the landscape through the portal. he teleports there, but misses. he lands in an underground cavern and falls, crushing his leg and goes unconscious.
meanwhile the dwarves completed 13 catapults and about 1000 sharpened stakes. we send 3 catapults to Gorlens.
Rav asks Beldevere Redcloak for his ring of communication and contacts Johnny Strongman who orders some troops to the capitol.
they find the emperor of thyatia has gone missing as also the thyatian senate. troops are sent looking for both. they are found and recaptured. a camp is set up for the army.
Daryn the dark wakes up and finds earth golems, whom he is able to get to help him. Rav, Ug Lee, trahern phalen, and another mage sneak into the legion’s camp and begin attacking. our army gathers and attacks. the entire legion, not including the air troops flee. the legionaries who remain are killed. we catch the fleeing legion and cut off the head of the general and present in a parade in our army.
the emperor admits that he was a child molester while he was a child. the council declares the senate and emperor stripped of all power and imprisons them in Okak.

Thyatian War

when the special forces company arrives at the first elven village they find only one blacksmith and his family.the army moves in and the special forces travel to the northeast village. they subdue the village and convince the elves to be their guides. the elves inform them the legion has a supply depot west of the forest. our main army attacks the southern large tribe of elves and defeat them. Lord Commenus and the 1st mountain battalion attack the northern encampment of thyatians. Emmanon convinces the emperor to leave the decision of occupation to the commanding general of the legion. Rav and gabriel send an emmissary to the enemy camp , but do not reach any agreement. we attack the supply depot in the night and capture what is not wasted. we move the army to western large town and attack and win. the legion gathers on the coast east of the eastern village. Rav is able to sink their ship which brought them here.

Elven Secession

in the council an ambassador arrives from alphatia. acceptance of wartime alliance. wendar agrees to harass the fleets of thyatia and protect our southern border. war tactics are discussed. a decision is reached to send a special forces squad to assassinate the emperor.
the squad goes to the wizard’s mtn and asks the wizard to teleport the emperor to them. Ug Lee eats a snake. The emperor appears in the room with his feet tied to the ceiling. Rav cuts the rope tying him and Ug Lee attacks the emperor. ug gets to smell the wizards arm pit in exchange for getting teleported back to the council chambers. the orc councilors start worshiping Ug Lee because he brought the emperor and is awesome! Naglfar yells for silence and everyone calms down. omar suggests we turn emperor over to Johnny Strongman who uses his ring of communication to contact Ryan the Druid. Johnny Strongman offers the emperor an ultimatum to send a message of peace to his empire or face imprisonment. a message is sent to thyatis for the senate to travel to the federation and rule from within our country until they prove trustworthy. the emperor is given permission to negotiate the end of war with alphatia via their ambassador in the federation.
other finacnial matters are discussed and voted on. a blockade of thyatis is formed with the help of alphatia’s navy. they are given permission to seize or board any thyatian ship. a flag is begun design by Naglfar and the inister of culture.
the special forces squad goes to the elven forest because we have lost contact with the elves. they are looking for the elven governor and follow a path into the forest. they meet some elves and are led to the governor. the elves have decided to secede from the federation. they speak to some influential elves and are able to remove the governor from power. they return to Gorlens and the old governor is reinstated. the ex-governor is put on trial, possibly receiving the death penalty. Naglfar and Ug Lee hang and then draw and quarter the elf.
Johnny Strongman talks to the emperor after finding out there are thyatian troops in the elven forest. Ug Lee gets a date with hobgoblin chick on the council. an attack is planned against the thyatian legion. they plan to surround the forest and send in the special forces to locate the legion. they gather some mages and ambush the legion.

Elven Forest

Guild Eradication

Ug Lee and omar and Rav and Tim, and Rav and trahern phalen go to alphatia by boat. they are attacked by sharks. there were 8 and they killed one. tim saved gabriel when he dove in to save Ug Lee who fell in the water. when they arrive in alphatia they must wait a month before given an audience with the emperor. meanwhile tim is establishing an entertaining guild and when granted an audience he performs for the emperor. he is so pleased he makes them his personal entertainers and bodyguards. a shady person named malix meets with them and tells them to kill emperor. the next day they cause the emperor to choke. they meet with the secretary and then with malix again and convince secretary to abandon his war plans. malix turns out to be a representative of Xean-hu. they are able to eradicate the guild from alphatia as a result of their actions. they convince the secretary to become war time allies of dargunn.

War with Thyatis

they tell the council about the black cloaks and skeletons. the council discusses the dark lord and decides to send special forces disguised as mercenaries.to alphatia, which is making deals with the dark lord.pass a resolution about import tariffs. talk about pamphlets on cultures and vote against. vote for yearly reports from the ministries. letter arrives from thyatis saying there are anti guild riots in the streets. they accuse us of starting riots and give us 6 months to prove our innocence before they declare war on us. we reply with a letter in forming them that we did not incite any riots and they should be able to handle any problems in their own borders, this is an insult to our sovereignty, we look forward to working with them on better terms. at the end we place an advertisement for goat milk. we learn thyatis also threatened the kingdom of wendar. the ambassador of wendar suggests an alliance and trade embargo against the empire of thyatis. we accept. helskir and oceansend remain neutral in this conflict.
later, an inspector from thyatis comes and speaks to all the council members and sends message back to thyatis that we are guilty. we send a message to thyatis declaring our innocence and the fact that the riots are against the guild, and we don’t have any quarrel with the empire. we try to make a deal with the inspector instead of war. we notify wendar and norwold to prepare for a war. we create a group battle wizards in our army. we commission the construction of a frigate.

More Black Cloaks

they talk to mahonri. says dargunn is destroyed in the future. it was caused by skeletons with flaming spears. says a doom comes on the whole world in the next 6 months to 2 years. they find a secret door and open it and puke. find 3 people. Ug Lee trows a rock, omar tackles him. omar and Rav go in. thye take out the three people. they are politicians. they take the drow to Clarence and then kill him and put him in a tub of ice. they go back and find multiple hallways to a cavern with a pool of water contaminated with urine. they find footprints leading to the pool. Rav goes in and discovers there is a portal to a city at the bottom. they go through the portal and are in the middle of a street. Ug Lee tries to dig up a cobblestone and breaks his fingernails. they find the senate building. they go to a brothel and find a restaurant named roast beef. they talk to a commoner named dooby stoobid. Ug Lee sleeps with a fat receptionist at the brothel and later has nightmares form it, but is paid 15 gold and 2 silver by her. they dicover the black cloaks are also known as the gay brothers. they don’t find any information about skeletons. the headquarters of the black cloaks is in the back of the restaurant.

Black Cloak Headquarters.
they go in the back door and get kicked in the stomach. they go in the front door and sit at a table. they find a black cloak meetin and join up. they find it is a very large organizanation and reports have stopped coming in from various places. they buy 3 black cloaks for 500 gold. Ug Lee gives 5 gold to omar for a cloak. they kidnap Dooby Stoobid. Dooby Stooopid and some drow escape by walking through a wall. omar tries to follow and walks into a wall. they find a staircase and go down. they go down a hallway and then an elevator. they find 2 goblins in front of a door and go through the door. they get lost in an underground city. they meet Stoobid. the guild is plotting to take over thyatis. the society was formed by some rogue drow that were cast out and then teamed up with some gay humans who disliked corrupt government.


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