Federation of Dargunn


during night they are awoken by a t-rex rampaging in the village. they chase it away. in morning chief tells them that if they kill t-rex he will listen to their arguments for joining the federation. they follow t-rex path and find young truadon boy and bring him back to village. deduce that boy is a were-rex. watch him overnight and he turns into t-rex. tie him down, test if he is were-rex by touching him with silver. in morning follow t-rex trail again, and found truadon footprints, leads to clearing in jungle with large rock. discover opening in rock. go inside and find the wizard lekem with a truadon in a cage. he says that this is the second were-rex he has seen, will not let group kill caged truadon(which need to do to cure young boy of lycanthrpope before the full moon sets). group goes outside. wait until nightfall, trysn sneaks in when lekem is asleep and feeds truadon some meat with silver hidden in side. the truadon eats it, and starts to burn from the inside until he is dead. on his way out trysn tries to assassinate lekem, who awakes and kills him with giant thorny vines. pillowpants came down to help, but is also killed by lekem. rest of group runs away.

went back to village. meet christianus smith, and some servants of his. he was there collecting alchemiocal ingredients. thogrin wants beer so they go searching for fruits and stuff so they can distill some alchohol. kill a triceratops. use its body parts to make a still. go back to village and give triceratops meet to chief. make canoe and go downriver to next village. meet traveling caravan with drugged pack animals. helped them. thogrin gets in fight with guards, almost dies and goes unconscious. group takes him away and they travel downriver until they reach next village.


Wangalade Wangalade

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