Federation of Dargunn

War with Thyatis

they tell the council about the black cloaks and skeletons. the council discusses the dark lord and decides to send special forces disguised as mercenaries.to alphatia, which is making deals with the dark lord.pass a resolution about import tariffs. talk about pamphlets on cultures and vote against. vote for yearly reports from the ministries. letter arrives from thyatis saying there are anti guild riots in the streets. they accuse us of starting riots and give us 6 months to prove our innocence before they declare war on us. we reply with a letter in forming them that we did not incite any riots and they should be able to handle any problems in their own borders, this is an insult to our sovereignty, we look forward to working with them on better terms. at the end we place an advertisement for goat milk. we learn thyatis also threatened the kingdom of wendar. the ambassador of wendar suggests an alliance and trade embargo against the empire of thyatis. we accept. helskir and oceansend remain neutral in this conflict.
later, an inspector from thyatis comes and speaks to all the council members and sends message back to thyatis that we are guilty. we send a message to thyatis declaring our innocence and the fact that the riots are against the guild, and we don’t have any quarrel with the empire. we try to make a deal with the inspector instead of war. we notify wendar and norwold to prepare for a war. we create a group battle wizards in our army. we commission the construction of a frigate.


Wangalade Wangalade

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