Federation of Dargunn

truadon city

nallik, a traudon, is travelling through zuburg, meets trysn. trysn is assigned by CO to be guide for nallik. they go to yoker. nallik money/spear is stolen. trysn contacts old freinds in yoker th;at are part of a criminal organization, gets beat up by them. migrad and other dwarves nearby lagh at beaten up trysn. guards break up the fight. migrad and pillowpants make plans to get in on the thunderstalk drug business. nallik and trysn go to library and look at maps and stuff. they met with local authorites. told that they willl be paid one gold for every 30 sq miles(6 mile hex) mapped. also informed of work to prepeare truadon tribes as a region of federation. travel around swamp, follow river to truadon city. talk to truadons, hold plebiscite, truadon vote to join federation. t-rex attacks, every one runs, but trysn. trysn kills trex. they go back to yoker and give regional gov draft to local authorities.


Wangalade Wangalade

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