Federation of Dargunn

To the Mountain!!! (Part 1)

After the attack on the keep, the groups orc allies were gone. The group continues south without them. James takes a leak on Christianus one morning after Christianus rudely woke everyone up pre-dawn asking for food. James empties his bladder onto Christianus, but Christianus spits it back. It hits James in the face and spontaneously catches fire. James jumps into a stream, but the fire does not go out until after returning to the surface. Christianus begins crying because he has nearly killed James, who was only saved because Scythe performed first aid. They continue to the town of Snagahan, where James learns of Shaman Jou (pronounced Jow). After meeting Jou, James is healed of his wounds, even regaining his eye. Jou demands the liver of a black widow and the beak of a burrowing owl, or else the wounds will return. Only after gaining these items will he heal Christianus. James finds and delivers the liver. The group heads east in search for an owl, and are set upon by a kobold, demanding that the goup “leave the lands of the great Meriiiiiiiii.”

To be continued


Wangalade jervin373

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