Federation of Dargunn


ryan the druid and johnny strongman fought some hgs and were captured. convinced shaman to kill chief, after which they made a deal with shaman for leadership if they had a week to train some runt hgs and if their runts could beat the shaman’s champion he would follow them. so they won and gradually conquered other tribes in the forest. then convinced the human city and villages to enter a trading agreement and commenced to build a road. they also discovered the eagles living over the plateau and the goat herders to the east.it was not long before the orcs to the north came terrorizing their territory, so ryan and johhnny made a pact with the hgs in the south mtns and fought the orc clones led by an evil wizard. they defeated those orcs and then formed a federation betwween the hummans, dwarves, eagles, orcs, and hgs. they had some conflicts with the alphatian empire and empire of thyatis which led to the improsenment of the senate and empereor of thyatis. while this conflict was being resolved the immortals approached the special forces of dargunn for help in defeating the dark lord, which was a success. thus time was changed and the immortals placed the territory of dargunn on the planet of charnak. here they soon discovered two people to the west: the dino men and the batwizards. the surrounding lands are infested with long extinct creatures such as dinosaurs. these people are in the proicess of being incorporated into the federation.


Wangalade Wangalade

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