Federation of Dargunn


Ug Lee saves daryn the dark’s life. he convinces a harpie to be his fangirl and then leaves her. he finds another fangirl. he and Rav go to greendale and learn about the ancient city of soreth to the west. all who return from there are mad. they get a map to soreth from the queen. he spends the night at the house of one of his fangirls. a girl comes into Ug Lee‘s room and seduces him, then she seduces Rav and gets pregnant. Ug Lee gets seduced by Blair and goes out to kill some roaches with his axe. the girl tries to seduce Blair and fails, Blair tries to seduce the girl and fails, the girl leaves. in the morning they go to soreth. most of the buildings are destroyed. one tower is still intact. it is 150 ft tall and 15 ft in diameter. there is a staircase on the outside and a door at the top. they go through the door see there is no floor under door, they cant see the bottom. they go down on the magic carpet and decide to drop a torch, they don’t see it hit the bottom . they go back up and can see the light from the door, but can’t seem to get any closer. they realize the light they see is coming from the wall and they go up and hit hte roof. they break off the door, and leave Blair at the top. they go back down and find the bottom. they go through a cavern and corridor and find a locked door, which they unlock. when they open the door a gas cloud falls on them and they start coughing. they find a janitor’s closet. they find a trap door above their heads and open it. 20 dead snakes fall from it and Ug Lee collects them. they find 50ft above them a giant baby that is 10ft tall while sitting, the baby is playing with some giant toys. the baby’s aunt comes in and they talk to her. says they don’t know how to get to the surface, they never have any visitors, she doesn’t know why people are going crazy, and some of the giants may try to eat the group. they go back and find a room with 9 skeletons. all the skeletons say"yeah" and sit up straighter. Ug Lee tries to kill a skeleton, but misses. that skeleton begins to hump his leg. they turn the skeletons. they see 9 ghosts, collect some ash, and leave. they find an underground river with a bridge. they find an exit to the surface. they find an underground house full of trolls. they leave and find a circular building with a gargoyle which they kill. they enter a huge room underground and cannot see the opposite walls. they pray to the Game god nad know that the giants have nothing to do with the madness. they find some giants in the room and follow them. they find some sleeping giants and Ug Lee tries to make a giant into a hobgoblin. the giant wakes up, and they escape. they find a room with caskets which open and 10 mummies come out. they kill them all. they find some gems. they continue and find a room with dinosaurs and dinosaur skeletons. they find a room with body. they hit it and it stands up. it is a lich that has a laughing disorder. Ug Lee cuts off its feet. Blairburns it, and they kill the lich. they find some treasure.

Lich/Giant Dungeon


Wangalade Wangalade

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