Federation of Dargunn

Secret Society?

in council we discuss a new amendment. make new coinage regulation. discuss forgery. decide magical forgery is of highest treaon. discuss foreign companies. debate taxes.
omar, Rav, and Ug Lee are in special forces. we learn of secret society. they are sent to investigate. they are dropped off at the wizard’s mountain by the eagles, anbd parachute down. they land on the opposite side of the mountain and walk around it to the entrance. they knock on the door, but nothing happens. they knock again and hear a voice. they are let in after a discussion about a fat guy. an old guy sneaks up on them with a blue flamed lantern. their torch goes out and they use a glowing sword for light. they come to a dead end and Rav walks into a sliding glass door. he finds a brick sticking out and pushes it in and then pulls it out. the plexiglass bends. he pulls the brick again and the door opens. they climb the stairs and have tea with Clarence. they are “poofed” into a triangular room. they go down a pitt. walk down a hallway. they see ugar’s room and attempt to steal his cat. and the cat bites and scratches. they are able to catch the satanic kitten and put it in a backpack. they get licked by some other kittens. they leave. the cat escapes, but they are able to catch it again. they see a person in a black cloak and talk to him. he is mohonri, 85 years older than before. a mage had gotten mad and sent him back in time.


Wangalade Wangalade

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