Federation of Dargunn

plan to defeat dark lord

Rav talks to council about elf army. the council assigns the special forces to negotiate and orders them to kill the leaders if they don’t want peace. they go to the elven camp. Rav sneaks in and finds elves with hair are doing a strange dance around a bonfire. they discuss battle plans. the elves with hair are girls. they have good maps of the area. trahern, ug, and Rav go to the camp with a white flag. elves confront them and demand to know why they are trespassing. a fight breaks out. they escape. Rav goes back in late at night and finds that the bald elves with ponytails on the back of their head were males. he sees they are participating in an orgy type ceremony with incense. he boecomes light headed because of the incense. he lights all their battle maps and plans on fire and then joins the orgy. rav wakes up later and then uses his shield of ethereality to sneak out. he goes back to the rest of the group and reports. they find the army has packed up and is moving north. the elves come to a fortress and go inside.
the new emperor of alphatia appears via a teleportation spell right in front of the group and informs them that the elves, along with some other minor countries have already agreed to help him. he wants to destroy the darklord. says the darklord is all powerful at present and enslaved the immortals(gods) of this world centuries ago. his one weakness is that he cannot travel in time, and the immortals can there fore they can send someone back to when the darklord was mortal and he can be defeated. the emperor teleports us back to the council where they discuss it and agree to send a volunteer force. we are told because the dark lord will be removed from the timeline, our land including the geography will never have existed, however the gods are amazed by our federation and will relocate us elsewhere.
in the council helskir is still asking for our help and the council decides to remain neutral in this affair. the ambassador of greendale asks for help. says anyone who goes to a certain place, sohrah, either doesn’t return or goes mad. the council assigns some druids and mages to investigate. communication from the western union of the sind desert welcomes trade and good relationship between our people. receive word that the first trade caravans from wendar have arrived overland. the council approves the druids to cure the disease of plants in eastern mountains by any means they can. the council finalizes trade agreement with the dragon city.
Rav and Ug Lee go on a quest for the heart stone. they travel to Gier and the patriarch tells them where they might be able to find it and that he believes the master thief has stolen it. offers a reward of 10,000 gold each. he gives them some special tongs to pick it up with and a lead box for transportation. they are given fresh horses and a golden ring of spell storage. they cross a bridge in a marsh and are attacked by ghouls and kill 12 of them. they find the ghoul’s lair and loot their treasure. they cross another bridge and continue on the path. they are attacked by 12 troglodytes and kill 11 of them. Ug Lee harvests some troglodyte oil. they continue and are attacked by 12 more troglodytes which they kill. they find some treasure. they come to another clearing and throw flaming objects at some troglodytes. they find more treasure and a map. they backtrack and find another bridge. they see a chimera, are attacked by it, and then it goes back in the water. they continue and hear some hobgoblins talking. they confront them and attack. some of them flee. they find a small village and a trap door in a house. they go in the trapdoor and find 4 thouls and their king. they talk to the king. he tells them about a man who has a glowing stone hung around his neck who pays the king to to kill any travelers. they give the king a gem and leave. they find a pit and collapse it and go around it.


Wangalade Wangalade

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