Federation of Dargunn

More Black Cloaks

they talk to mahonri. says dargunn is destroyed in the future. it was caused by skeletons with flaming spears. says a doom comes on the whole world in the next 6 months to 2 years. they find a secret door and open it and puke. find 3 people. Ug Lee trows a rock, omar tackles him. omar and Rav go in. thye take out the three people. they are politicians. they take the drow to Clarence and then kill him and put him in a tub of ice. they go back and find multiple hallways to a cavern with a pool of water contaminated with urine. they find footprints leading to the pool. Rav goes in and discovers there is a portal to a city at the bottom. they go through the portal and are in the middle of a street. Ug Lee tries to dig up a cobblestone and breaks his fingernails. they find the senate building. they go to a brothel and find a restaurant named roast beef. they talk to a commoner named dooby stoobid. Ug Lee sleeps with a fat receptionist at the brothel and later has nightmares form it, but is paid 15 gold and 2 silver by her. they dicover the black cloaks are also known as the gay brothers. they don’t find any information about skeletons. the headquarters of the black cloaks is in the back of the restaurant.

Black Cloak Headquarters.
they go in the back door and get kicked in the stomach. they go in the front door and sit at a table. they find a black cloak meetin and join up. they find it is a very large organizanation and reports have stopped coming in from various places. they buy 3 black cloaks for 500 gold. Ug Lee gives 5 gold to omar for a cloak. they kidnap Dooby Stoobid. Dooby Stooopid and some drow escape by walking through a wall. omar tries to follow and walks into a wall. they find a staircase and go down. they go down a hallway and then an elevator. they find 2 goblins in front of a door and go through the door. they get lost in an underground city. they meet Stoobid. the guild is plotting to take over thyatis. the society was formed by some rogue drow that were cast out and then teamed up with some gay humans who disliked corrupt government.


Wangalade Wangalade

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