Federation of Dargunn


in the council, reports are received that the empire is in confusion, there are more monster uprisings in the empire, and the dragon city is holding a council to deal with the lack of concern and action in the government. communicate with dragon city through ring. we agree to trade between us, they want a report on prisoners in 6 months. Beldevere Redcloak wants to expand his territory in to the swamp of beasts, is granted request. roads are approved for tribes outside of valley. hear that plants are dying in east mountains. the emmisary form hellskir requests help because alphatia wants to forcibly annex them. hear that there is a revolution in norwold. there is a message from gier that the heartstone has gone missing.
a bald elf is brought before the council. he was scouting for his country, lothadar. it is an isolationist elven kingdom. learn that lothadar plans to invade the federation. assign 500 orcs and 500 dwarves to southern hobgoblins as extra defense. send special forces to operate in that region as well. send elf back to his land with a guard of ten of our elves.
our frigate has been constructed. the representatives from thyatia know nothing of lothadar. we learn of a proclamation that oceansend issued. it claimed all the land between the federation and norwold and will give reward for any “monster” heads, orcs, goblin, etc. alphatia will not give up its claims to helskir.

our special forces scout and find a bald elf spy and capture him.at the edge of the mountains they find a huge camp of elves as far as the eye can see. Rav runs back to camp to inform everyone.



Wangalade Wangalade

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