Federation of Dargunn

Kill it with Greek Fire dammit!

We gain Special Powers

Day 1-We broke into the fort and killed like ten guards at the gate, collapsed one gate tower completely. enter fort and find a line of more than 2 dozen gaurds facing us, with the wizard nikulsen floating in air 10 feet above guards. Christianus Smith has been spraying greek fire at the buildings inside fort and then when sees wizard sprays him. he catches on fire and he puts on aring which turns himself into ice, then he summons 10 oxen whcich charge us and all our orc friends scatter and we run out the gate. oxen dissipate when they reach the gate. then wizard summoned house above our heads. scythe and james got out of the way but christian did not. the house fell on him and broke his back. the house also landed on christians wagon with all his chemicals. when it landed it caused a large explosion with a mushroom cloud of noxious fumes which gradually settled down to ground level in a 100 ft diameter and caused the following effects to all who breathed the gas for more than five minutes.we gain Mercury Skin which gives armor bonus of +2 of natural armor against any attacks, lower immunity an 1, eyes glow white when telling the truth, no longer stun by mortal wound, lose all non-magical equipment, saliva is reddish chemical mixture which on impact will light with the heat of magnesium and its sticky and can’t put out by fire, exhaled fumes will cause a burned wound every second that is touch flesh and anyone in one ft range must take an immunity check to stay conscious, toxic blood that could be used as poison that caused every light wound into to become a normal wound, and only sleep could restored fatigue. also all inonmagical wooden and cloth and metal objects were burned away by the gas, so they were all naked except for christian with his magic armor.

after wards, a guard finds us and captain kirk convinces guard to let him dig christian out of rubble, pjuts on christians armor, and when dragging christian away sees body of wizard fallen on ground. walks past guard, who attacks. james knocks him ouit with a punch and goes to broken ice of wizards body finds ring, and body turns to flesh and wizard quickly dies. We the mighty dumbass heroes survive and go into town, so we can get gold to buy clothing. We are going to Pakak

Day 2-We’re in Pakak and we take out 2,000 from the bank. We bought everything we needed and now we are still going south with super powers and insanity.


Wangalade Wangalade

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