Federation of Dargunn

after FIRE!!!!! they went to capitol and told council of man that wanted eye of stone adn of fire. learn that the town of donkak is rampaged by giant. go there. find out it was some sort of stone elemental. follow tracks of where giant came from=leads to mountaianside, find dying dwarf talks about stopping the beast, a key and his sanctuary. find cave where dwarf lived, find a small key carved form a pearl and a stone tablet with primitive heiroglyphs showing a map to mt vulcan. go to to mt vulcan. meet bob the orc, a vampire hunter. he agrees to help. they go to mouth of volcano. find panda of crazy man. kill panda., find stone rod, 3 inch diameter 8 ft long with runes(commands elemental). go to top of volcano, notice shadowy forms surroundingthem. crazy old man( Christianus Smith has deduced he is the deposed emperor of thyatis) demands rod, which james gives, because he is scared of forms in the shadows. then emperor strikes rod to ground, ground trmbles and a chasm opens up. emperor turns around and walks away. james jumps chasm before it grows to big and follows emperor. he is caught and stuffed in a bag of holding. after much deliberation scythe and christain and bob cross chasm. as going down vocano, it erupts much lava and ash. they run down the mountain side and take shelter on a hill where lava flows are too low to reach them. bob ran his own way while they did this. continue on road, find bag with something inside, turns out to be james. they decide to go back to wahee to get all of christians stuff. get his wagon and buy some extra horses. on the way to zoootem when meet 14 orcs target practicing with their crossbows for The Games. they give james a box, can only be opened in the full moon, start going back to wahee, on night of full moon open the box and find a stone horn inside which is supposed to call elemental. continue on journey, but in morning there is a blizzard, last for one day and one night. get lost in mountains. turns out hey went south and then decide to go towards ruran, where they rest. then they continue on road south to find emperor or elemental. they knw elemental is going south because of drwaings on walls of dwarfs cave. the dwarves imprisoned elemental and it want revenge. the eye emperor stole was able to release the elemental.
We are traveling south on the road looking for the giant elemental golem and found a wooden fort. talk to guards, tell us must obey nikulen’s laws whi e in his land. decide to kill nikulsen. charge at gate with bottles of explosion, break right side of gate. Christianus Smith shoots greek fire at gaurd towers and walls and gate.


Wangalade Wangalade

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