Federation of Dargunn

Guild Eradication

Ug Lee and omar and Rav and Tim, and Rav and trahern phalen go to alphatia by boat. they are attacked by sharks. there were 8 and they killed one. tim saved gabriel when he dove in to save Ug Lee who fell in the water. when they arrive in alphatia they must wait a month before given an audience with the emperor. meanwhile tim is establishing an entertaining guild and when granted an audience he performs for the emperor. he is so pleased he makes them his personal entertainers and bodyguards. a shady person named malix meets with them and tells them to kill emperor. the next day they cause the emperor to choke. they meet with the secretary and then with malix again and convince secretary to abandon his war plans. malix turns out to be a representative of Xean-hu. they are able to eradicate the guild from alphatia as a result of their actions. they convince the secretary to become war time allies of dargunn.


Wangalade Wangalade

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