Federation of Dargunn


After Charging the old mans tree-house….I forget……but he disappeared after being knocked out. After which, the characters return to the village to find that the town is on fire. Christianus Smith and Scythe stay behind to help while James Tiberious Shatner leaves(with Christianus’ backpack of holding). Christianus is eventually chased out of town with Scythe in tow. The two follow James trail until catching up to him in order to get the pack back and to ask where he is going. Upon discovering that James has set out in order to become a unicorn poacher, Christianus convinces him to make a deal: That Christianus will help in the poaching of 1 unicorn. In return, upon completion of poaching 1 unicorn, James shall become Christianus’ thrall. And then blah blah blah, stuff happened, and instead of poaching we decide to go clear out a bandit camp. Upon arriving at said camp, Christianus is severely injured by bandits and is carried to the nearest town by Scythe and James.


when returned to town, the eye of stone was gone and one preist was murdered, then they found the town on fire

Wangalade Wangalade

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