Federation of Dargunn

exploration part 1

in yoker nallik and pillowpants make freinds with city guard, garfunkle, whio gives them his boat. go to rivertown with him, he won’t enter swamp of beast. they travel on river through swamp, meet necromancer in graveyard, convince him to join. near end of swamp meet little boy holding sign, tent behind him. charging 5 silver for entry into the hall of wonders. inside meet professor hardwick. continue on river to zillaton. necromancer decides to stay at zillaton. they convince a young truadon(member of pink claws hunting gang) to accompany them. they travel south, young hunter leaves at base of mountains. they enter pass, find a dead wyvern and harvest fangs and wings. keep traveling south.

jouney=12days on river to zillaton, 4days walking south=16 days total


Wangalade Wangalade

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