Federation of Dargunn

Death of an Emperor

The group meets a truodon in a city on their way south. After some discussion the truodon agrees to accompany the group on their search for the emperor. Some time later, the group reaches the home of the dwarves. After paying for licenses for magical goods, the group enters the mountain road where they meet a gnome riding a triceratops. Shatner buys the triceratops from the gnome, who had thought the triceratops was a hog and had planned to enter it into a hog race.s. The group hears a scream, so they tie up the triceratops and go to investigate. it is during this that Christianus Smith goes missing. The group encounter some dwarves. 2 dwarves are killed, one runs away, and the last is tied up. The group finds a diary that speaks of Shazu, a name the dwarves had also been saying. The tied dwarf is made to lead us to Shazu, though he could not speak any language that the party could. The group finds a room with a wardrobe, and a tunnel at the back of the wardrobe. Following the tunnel, the group finds the emperor and some guards. The party attacks. After the failed attack, Shazu (a beholder) is summoned by the emperor. The group fights Shazu, but eventually succumbs to his will. They find the gemstone for the staff of the beholder and Shazu destroys it, thus freeing himself from its control. The group then finds the emperor again and allows Shazu to eat him. With the emperor dead, the group continues their travel to the dwarf town.


Wangalade jervin373

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