Federation of Dargunn

Council Meeting

we meet in council the next day. The minister of culture did not create a definition for sentience and is admonished. Amendments are proposed and sent for voting to the bureau of the people. new monetary system is proposed. Chief Gruk asks if the army will accept orcs and he is told to organize the details with the ihesh. we are running low on money, Chief Gruk suggests we pillage and plunder. we agree to allow orcs to plunder the norwoldian rebels. Lord Commenus has trained 50 cataphracts and we agree to use them in the army. a special forces is created and Rav is made the special forces captain. we allow the ministry of trade to come up with solutions for our low amount of currency. we decide hobos will be the official language of the federation.


Wangalade Wangalade

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