Federation of Dargunn


when they reach village of arnod, they find elf(robert) already there. He tells them of ghost that haunts him and kills nearest person every night. they become afraid and search out shaman of village. he will stop ghost if they retrieve something a child stole from him. they leave elf with shaman and go to house where child lives. encounter his mother. she claims shaman killed her cousin/husband. they go back to shaman. he claims it(a jawbone) contains a great evil and she wants to release it. they go back and steal jaw bone and run back to village where they give to shaman. meanwhile he performed ritual which surrounded robert with vines and commands him to not move till morning.

In the morning, the group is accused of killing an elder, after some investigation they decide he went hunting during the night. they find his trail and follow it. they find a dead velociraptor, and the elder dead. they bring his body and the raptor back to the village


Wangalade Wangalade

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